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Adj.1.nonionized - not converted into ions
ionised, ionized - converted totally or partly into ions
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At present, the most effective and widely used method is to use nonionized polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) to modify the PLGA [9,15].
When the pH value is higher than 7, the adsorption capacities of ammoniacal nitrogen decrease, because the ammonium ion is transformed to nonionized forms of ammonia gas, which is unfavorable for adsorption on X/AC composite [36-38].
US has some advantages over MRI and CT, like its nonionized characteristics and the fact that it is inexpensive [8].
Captions: FIGURE 2: Abdominal CT scan of the abdomen after 300 mL rectal gastrografin and 100 mL intravenous nonionized iodine contrast.
1743 [cm.sup.-1] is indicative of the stretching group C=O of nonionized carboxylic acid (methylated or protonated).
In order to determine the quantities of ROS produced by the oocytes, oocytes were measured by nonionized 2,7-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate (DCFH-DA), a nonfluorescent probe, which is converted to the sensitive fluorescent compound 2,7-dichlorofluorescein (DCF) when oxidized by intracellular ROS [21].
The remainder is either bound to the plasma proteins (about 40%) or complexed in the nonionized form with anions such as phosphate and citrate (about 10%).
This substance was specially developed for removal of anions of organic acids and for removal of nonionized mediums and high molecular organic compounds [17].
Local anesthetics exists in two forms; the nonionized, lipid soluble free base and the water soluble ionized form.
Also, -COOH groups within the network remained almost nonionized; thus imparting almost non-polyelectrolyte behavior to the gel [9].
Employing Eq 1 at pH 3, one can realized that the nonionized fraction equals to 11.48 times higher than the ionized fraction whereas at pH 7 the nonionized fraction equals to 0.001 of the ionized faction.