A matter of so little import that it ought not to become a focus of controversy and comment.


a matter of little importance
(Military) (of equipment, etc) not issued by the military: nonissue boots.


(nɒnˈɪʃ u; esp. Brit. -ˈɪs yu)

a matter or issue of little or no interest or importance.
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Erin Tanada on Monday said it was a nonissue as far as he was concerned.
"And though property taxes might appear to be a nonissue for the 36 percent of renter households, that couldn't be further from the truth," WalletHub said.
The model suggests four perceptions and approaches to diversity: (a) Asset, perceiving diversity as an asset to be fostered, encouraged, and promoted; (b) Problem, perceiving diversity as a factor that hinders, restricts, and prevents the organization from attaining its goals, and needs to be solved; (c) Challenge, perceiving diversity as potentially beneficial for the group's goals, though not without its accompanying risks--and demanding investment of efforts and resources to transform those risks into benefits; and (d) Nonissue, ignoring diversity or avoiding dealing with it.
When asked if any rule changes in the 403(b) market might allow CIT use, Sanders says, “Ultimately, mutual fund fees have been coming down, and most 403(b) plans are smaller--it’s a nonissue.
The panniculus was a nonissue regarding gaining adequate exposure and, when closed, the incision remained completely dry and uninfected.
Julia Christian, a resresentative of the UK-based organisation Fern, defended the report yesterday, saying that a two-year interval was simply not enough for the widespread deforestation to become a nonissue.
She said she always thought it would not matter whether Northern Ireland was part of Britain or Ireland because eventually integration of Europe would make that a nonissue.
The fact that the protagonist and supporting characters are gay is a nonissue, which makes this a refreshing read.
The most important issue for the next president -- and Congress -- to tackle is corporate tax reform, stocks will continue to outperform bonds over the next decade, and Brexit is a "nonissue," Bob Doll told money managers Thursday.
On the matter of resume length, respondents admitted that most application tracking systems utilize keywords, thus making length a nonissue.