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1. Not in a straight line.
2. Mathematics
a. Occurring as a result of an operation that is not linear.
b. Containing a variable with an exponent other than one. Used of an equation.
a. Of or relating to a system of equations whose effects are not proportional to their causes. Such a set of equations can be chaotic.
b. Of or relating to a device whose behavior is described by a set of nonlinear equations and whose output is not proportional to its input.
c. Of or relating to the output of such a device.

non·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-âr′ĭ-tē) n.
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the property or state of being nonlinear
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But they exhibited lower resistance to permanent deformation and higher nonlinearity under LAOS.
when the impact of dispersion exceeds the nonlinearity, we can expect spectral self-compression (self-SC) by the analogy of the pulse self-compression.
For instance, in the case of the exponential nonlinearity (Liouville equation)
For the OB systems using Kerr nonlinear materials, a large nonlinearity is a fundamental need to gain sensitivity.
These effects are quantified with the measured acoustic nonlinearity parameter (ANP) which is caused by the interaction of a sinusoidal wave and microstructural features like microcracks, precipitates, creep, fatigue, and plasticity [3-8] (i.e., features at the micron scale and below), and the ANP is a powerful indicator of the material state.
In this study, a fluid flow test system was built to conduct a series of laboratory tests on one-inlet-two-outlet specimens with particular attention paid to the effects of J, [theta], e, and Rr on the nonlinearity of fluid flow in both effluent fractures at large Re and large J.
However, to the best of the authors' knowledge, these researches do not pay much attention to the problem of the optimal filtering for a class of discrete-time systems with stochastic nonlinearity functions, finite-step correlated noises, and missing measurements.
To some extent, hysteresis can be considered as a composite of two directional freeplays, that is, the value of the nonlinearity depends not only on the vibration displacement but also on the velocity.
When dealing with MEMS based devices, interesting dynamical behaviors can be arising due to the nonlinearity of those devices [4-6].
Fluorinert FC-43 (3M[TM]) was chosen for this study due to its low sound speed (646 m/s) and relatively large (for a liquid) acoustic nonlinearity parameter [beta] (6.8-7.6) [10-13].
Laser Plasma Physics: Forces and the Nonlinearity Principle, 2nd Edition