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A nonmandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held at Mountain View High School Library at 1500 SE Blairmont Dr.
The schools decide whether participation in afternoon activities is nonmandatory, partially mandatory (e.g., for students in certain grades), or fully mandatory for all students.
* Inability to increase level of fill or to further reduce the size of the package (e.g., where some minimum package size is necessary to accommodate required food labeling (excluding vignettes or other nonmandatory designs or label information), discourage pilfering, facilitate handling, or accommodate tamper-resistant devices).
If the tribunal grants Calida's petition, he said, it would mean that the justices agree that 'even the failure to comply with a nonmandatory constitutional requirement is a ground for removing a sitting Chief Justice.'
The delegation and emergency access discussed by these authors are mapped by version 3.3 and 4.2 versions of SBIS' certification requirement set (NGS1.04.07) but are still conditional and a nonmandatory feature.
EPA) has established nonmandatory, secondary drinking water standards for 15 of these contaminants known as Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels (SMCLs).
For example, the July 2016 change to nonmandatory 117 death reporting would be expected to lead to a decline in death reporting through this source; however, the contribution of this change to the proportion of expected deaths that were reported could not be determined.
64.4%) including mandatory and nonmandatory substances in the same study period.[sup][11] Similarly, among the mandatory substances' applications of this study, CEP was demonstrated to be the leading document (92.3%) applied for the abbreviated dossiers.
"Coming from a technology angle, open banking means something very specific about APIs [application program interface] to me," said Birch, breaking this down into mandatory APIs, which banks have no choice about offering, and nonmandatory APIs, which is where they might gain some kind of advantage.
The video podcast was presented to the second-year medical students at a nonmandatory class during the start of a two-week introductory course to geriatrics.