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Adj.1.nonmandatory - not required by rule or law
optional - possible but not necessary; left to personal choice
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If, as the DMV suggests, these nonmandatory reports are intended to keep so-called "at-risk drivers" from driving beyond their safe driving years - when their judgment, skills and reaction times are all less than adequate - to keep them from injuring themselves and others on Oregon's roads, then let me offer a suggestion: The DMV should immediately institute a program of mandatory retesting every two years for all drivers older than 78, with their licenses renewable for periods of two years instead of the current eight years.
Then, there are also nonmandatory but binding SJTs, for litigants more interested in finality than settlement.
Annexes provide mandatory information, and commentary contains nonmandatory information to supplement the standard.
9%) and [euro]17 million of nonmandatory convertible bonds.
There were no copayments for these drugs in any of the states except California, where a $1 nonmandatory fee per prescription was charged.
The bill provides that nonmandatory homeowner's associations may use the covenant revitalization procedures in Ch.
But the business court still interprets nonmandatory "business cases" broadly (and ambiguously) as those where "the outcome will have implications for business and industry beyond the conflicts of the parties to the litigation.
7) Education shall include mandatory in-service, nonmandatory in-service, and seminars authorized by the Nursing Director.
Third and finally, we further hypothesized that preservice teachers required to use WebCT would make greater use of nonmandatory WebCT course material compared to those whose WebCT use was optional, thereby providing a behavioral index of their attitude change.
States can also vary in a range of other ways, including the extent to which they rely on private plans as opposed to quasi-public or entirely public plans, the regulations they impose on contracting plans, and whether there are voluntary options for nonmandatory populations.
When we do not fully conform to a noncategorical and/or nonmandatory reason, the reason that remains to haunt us still noncategorical and/or nonmandatory.