1. Of or relating to a security that may not be sold by one investor to another but is generally redeemable by the issuer within limitations; nonnegotiable.
2. Difficult or impossible to market: a nonmarketable product.
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The author concludes that capital investment in these types of training programs in areas with high structural unemployment and older workers will prove unsuccessful, because such initiatives often provide nonmarketable training that fails to boost earnings.
introduced the auction providing loans secured by nonmarketable assets or guarantees, with a floating rate for 12 months of at least 5.
Planning is more complex for assets that are difficult to value, such as interests in closely held businesses, real estate, or any other nonmarketable or hard-to-value assets.
The order fill rate decreased across all order types and the order cancellation rate increased for both marketable and nonmarketable limit orders after the implementation of Reg NMS.
For example, the federal government owes the Social Security, Medicare and other trust funds almost $3 trillion, and it wants to hold the related nonmarketable bonds held in the related trust funds out as an asset for those programs when communicating to the beneficiaries of those programs.
07 per diluted share, on a nonmarketable investment.
check] What will your clients receive in exchange for a partial allocation to nonmarketable assets?
This second edition includes a new chapter on the valuation of S corporations, as well as expanded treatment of valuation from the perspective of nonmarketable minority shareholders.
Siegel and Hoban (1982), for example, also found DRRA for narrowly defined wealth and IRRA for a broader wealth measure that included nonmarketable and contingent (i.
Other assets such as land, natural resources, and nonmarketable securities -- appraised values;
manufacturers of spare parts in automotive industry, the nonmarketable inventories are goods that have not been sold for two years after having been received to the warehouse.
impairment is determined to be other-than-temporary, a nonmarketable security