(nɒnˈmætʃ ɪŋ)

1. not matching.
2. (of a grant) not requiring the recipient to obtain equivalent funds elsewhere.
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LinkPlus compares residential addresses and flags any nonmatching addresses for partial matches.
There were also several nonmatching sequences (sequences 6, 8, 9, 11, 29; see Fig.
Parents considered it unacceptable to have a nonmatching first name and patronymic combination such as "Nikolai Muradovich" or "Sukhrob Aleksandrovich" (Russian/Turkic in the first case, Tajik/Russian in the second), or to have a name and patronymic that did not match the surname.
If ATTAGCA and TAATACC were put together, their ATTA and TAAT portions would pair up, and the nonmatching portions would dangle off the ends.
Regarding the mitigation of innovation impediments, finding an adequate network configuration or structure helps reducing collaboration challenges and the risk of nonmatching capabilities within the network.
My classification of traditional media outlets closely follows the example of previous comparative studies across eight countries (de Vreese et al., 2017), and in two nonmatching and two new cases I aimed at sample equivalency across countries.
almost all the nonmatching pairs had zero matching cells, with a handful
For instance, if there are too many keys on the nanoparticle surface, even though these keys only weakly interact with the nonmatching locks on normal cells, these weak, off-target interactions may still provide enough adhesion energy for the nanoparticles to penetrate the cell membrane and kill the healthy cells."
Generalizations to heterogeneous problems with nonmatching time grids were introduced in [11, 12, 29, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40].
For SISO nonlinear Lipschitz systems with nonmatching uncertainty, a hybrid observer structure that combines a HGO with higher-order sliding mode term is proposed in [20].
Callahan et al., "Use of a delayed nonmatching to position task to model age-dependent cognitive decline in the dog," Behavioural Brain Research, vol.