(nɒnˈmætʃ ɪŋ)

1. not matching.
2. (of a grant) not requiring the recipient to obtain equivalent funds elsewhere.
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This suggests that the mechanism of the formation of concepts of matching and nonmatching between configurations of stimuli in a matching-to-sample discrimination is the same as that of the formation of stimulus classes between the discriminative stimuli during overtraining in two concurrent discriminations.
The asymmetry of transfer effect throws some doubt on Zentall and Hogan's interpretation of their results (1974, 1975, 1976), in which they accounted for the superiority of nonshifted pigeons to the shifted ones in performance on shift tasks as evidence demonstrating that pigeons formed the abstract concept of matching or nonmatching.
By presenting a contrasting example, that is, the nonmatching structure in the source materials, the common relational structure in the source and target may have been emphasized (Bransford, Franks, Vye, & Sherwood, 1989; Gick & Patterson, 1992; Tversky, 1977).
These results indicate that rats acquired a matching or nonmatching learning in the Phase 1 training and transferred it to subsequent shift problems in the Phase 2.
In Experiment 1, rats were trained with either a matching or nonmatching discrimination to criterion, or were overtrained, and then transferred to either nonshift (i.
Another group (Group Control) was given a pseudo-discrimination training, and then the same training in Phases 2 and 3 as Groups Matching and Nonmatching.
In Experiments 1 and 2, rats were trained on nonmatching (or matching) -to-sample discriminations and then either given reversal training on 12 stimulus sets (W), on 9 out of them (P-9), on 6 out of them (P-6), or 3 out of them (P-3).
Thomas Prakash from Sutton Coldfield raised money for the MS Society by wearing a decidedly nonmatching orange wig and vest with pink tutu.
If they end up single, can they ever find happiness with a nonmatching mate?
Supplies a match and/or nonmatching contribution, and a strategic approach to vesting that incentivizes saving;
Syllables that could be used to construct X and nonmatching syllables were also presented simultaneously.
The main outcomes for any hospitalizations and outpatient surgery were binary indicators for nonmatching (discordance) between the survey and claims data over the 2 years before the re-interview date.