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Adj.1.nonmedicinal - not having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribednonmedicinal - not having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed; "he took mind-altering drugs for nonmedicinal reasons"
unhealthful - detrimental to good health; "unhealthful air pollution"; "unhealthful conditions in old apartments with peeling lead-based paint"
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It may also be wiser for practitioners to avoid the academic and legal term "toxic" while employing a much more malleable, subtle, and legally defensible description such as "elevated body burden" when interpreting the results of provocative urinary nonmedicinal substance (ICD 10 R 82.
7) Several pharmacologic agents including hyoscine butyl bromide (buscopan), glucagon, nitrates, calcium channel blockers, and papaveretum and nonmedicinal agents such as water, effervescent crystals, papain and fresh pineapple juice have been used in the treatment of esophageal food impaction with variable success rate.
At the same time, patent-medicine use and opiates for nonmedicinal use were on the rise.
Nonmedicinal treatments that help with the symptoms of teething include chewing on a cold cloth or teething toy or massaging of the gums.
What are some nonmedicinal examples of animal olfactory detection?
There is a lack of data on the misuse and supply of prescription drugs for nonmedicinal purposes and the scale of the problem needs to be established, the Home Affairs Select Committee has said.
From his observations of the nonmedicinal use of opium in China, which was his primary focus, he argued that "it is impossible to give up the habit at once with safety" and provided detailed instructions on a method of gradually reducing the level of opium using various tinctures (1850).
For shoppers seeking nonmedicinal external solutions for muscle and joint pain, hot and cold therapy patches are a comforting solution.
Despite these medically justified uses in China and the United States, however, many consumers in the United States used products containing Ephedra for nonmedicinal purposes such as weight loss, athletic performance enhancement, and energy boost (Triplett 2004).
Nonmedicinal approaches to relief include gentle stretching exercises and bladder training.
I was far from having posttraumatic stress disorder or a PTSD experience, but I began to think of the PTSD patients I've treated using nonmedicinal approaches and the psychological toll that Sandy was bound to have on my community.