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Adj.1.nonmigratory - used of animals that do not migrate
migratory - used of animals that move seasonally; "migratory birds"
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Museum collections can be a valuable window into potential ecological change and are most useful when collections of nonmigratory invertebrate species are from a limited geographical area over a long period of time.
The Garra rufa fish are nonmigratory freshwater fish native to the Persian Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean.
found that knee joint progenitor cells could produce nonmigratory progeny and form distinct local tissues in both the pre- and postnatal period, in a novel GDF5CreERT2 (GDF5-CE), PRG4-CE, and Dkk3-CE mouse model [74].
The pain is generally described as being constant, dull, localized, and nonmigratory. These patients are typically afebrile and deny anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
The proportion of [CD11b.sup.+][CD103.sup-] DCs and CD11b-[CD103.sup.+] DCs in our control animals is for the greater part in accordance with those reported by Bekiaris et al., although we measured a slightly larger subset of [CD11b.sup.+][CD103.sup-] DCs in the lamina propria of ileum and colon tissues, with the final subset considered to be nonmigratory and derived from monocytes [60, 67-69].
Many migratory or nonmigratory aquatic species use gulfs as habitats during any part of their life cycles such as spawning, breeding, and feeding.
Alternative patterns of migration, as well as the presence of nonmigratory and migratory animals, can enhance the resilience of populations (Kerr et al., 2010) because the fish experience different regimes of growth and mortality.
Although Brazilian Free-tailed Bats that breed in Oregon are nonmigratory, the documented northern late- summer dispersal distance of a Brazilian Free-tailed Bat is 640 km (Genoways and others 2000), which could facilitate a rapid, stepwise range extension.
Nonmigratory cow elk herd ranges as management units.
The Cook Inlet beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas, is nonmigratory, residing year-round in a semi-enclosed tidal estuary in southcentral Alaska.
Nonmigratory cells in the upper chamber were removed with a cotton swab.