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Adj.1.nonnomadic - not nomadic or wandering; "nonnomadic people"
settled - established in a desired position or place; not moving about; "nomads...absorbed among the settled people"; "settled areas"; "I don't feel entirely settled here"; "the advent of settled civilization"
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I concur with Kandiyoti and Yuval-Davis and Anthias (1989b), in the Mediterranean context (and many other scholars working in other regional and national contexts), in emphasizing the fluidity of public/private boundaries and regarding "the private" as subject to organization by the state.(10) These are warnings against conceptualizing Mediterranean societies as moving cleanly from private to public patriarchies; at a time of social transformation, of an erosion in the classic patriarchy that had tended to structure nonnomadic, Muslim Middle Eastern and North African societies (Kandiyoti 1991b, 31).