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 (nŏn-no͞o′klē-ər, -nyo͞o′-)
1. Not causing, involving, or operated by nuclear energy.
2. Not possessing nuclear weapons.
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These rigorous certifications are based on weapons surveillance, nonnuclear experiments, previous nuclear tests, and computer simulations.
Examining the historical record quantitatively, Sechser and Fuhrman look at the effectiveness of compellent threats by nuclear and nonnuclear states.
We have to continue our successful efforts to support the nonnuclear weapons states in swiftly completing negotiations on a ban treaty that would prohibit the manufacture, sharing, and possession of nuclear weapons.
1, TEPCO began accepting applications for business alliances as part of its plan to cooperate with other companies in updating nonnuclear thermal power plants and developing new services.
We are now witnessing an "extended deterrence" by which nonnuclear countries are put under the protection of a friendly nuclear state.
national security strategy and enhancing nonnuclear capabilities have been U.S.
We are NAVSUP's logistics planning center of excellence, our ordnance team manages the Navy's nonnuclear ordnance stockpile to ensure the right firepower is in the right place at the right time; and our transportation and distribution team coordinates the global movement of people and material effectively and efficiently.
Addressing the question of why states provide nuclear assistance to nonnuclear states and contribute to the international spread of weapons, Kroenig (government, Georgetown U.) challenges the conventional idea that countries help others develop nuclear weapons and export nuclear materials and technology for economic reasons, arguing that they export these materials when it would have the effect of constraining a common enemy.
reliance on advanced nonnuclear systems, research and development in nuclear weapons-related verification, and maintenance of existing nuclear testing and production moratoriums.
On April 18, the British Royal Navy detonated 6,800 tonnes of explosives in a deliberate attempt to demolish the fortified island of Heligoland, Germany, thus creating the largest man-made nonnuclear explosion in history.
During a review of Technical Order 11-1-38, Positioning and Tie-Down Procedures of Nonnuclear Munitions, SrA Glaze identified safety deficiencies in the current positioning and tie-down procedures for the GBU-28 on the MHU-226 trailer posing the potential for a catastrophic weapons incident.
The UNSC resolution piloted by Obama asks all non- NPT states to join the treaty as nonnuclear weapon states.