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Adj.1.nonobligatory - not required by rule or law
optional - possible but not necessary; left to personal choice
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Leisure 4 2 A nonobligatory activity that is intrinsically motivated and engaged in during discretionary time, that is, time not committed to obligatory occupations such as work, self- care, or sleep IADL 3 2 Activities to support daily life within the home and community that often require more complex interactions than self-care used in ADL.
DCIS is a nonobligatory precursor of invasive breast cancer, and it is estimated that up to 40% will progress if untreated (16).
In 2018, Kenedy signed on a loan without an option to buy, as did Islam Slimani - who was the very definition of a Islam a panic is no longer panic January signing, given the Algerian was not even on Benitez's initial list of targets but was recruited when all other avenues proved fruitless - while Martin Dubravka joined temporarily but he had a PS4m nonobligatory purchase clause also inserted into his deal.
Firstly, let us remind them that this (according to the government) is a consultative (nonobligatory) referendum and nobody can force anybody to vote.
High-grade PIN is regarded as a nonobligatory precursor lesion to invasive adenocarcinoma.
With a nursing home billing collection rate of over 97%, reduction of billing costs by 70%, Gotelecare provides Dedicated account management support, customized reporting according to specific needs, Excellent references from your industry peers, Real-time audits, Nonobligatory contract with 30/60 days release clause.
The exchangeable fraction is adsorbed on the surface of the sediment mainly by diffusion and outer complexation of nonobligatory, which is also easy to form insoluble precipitate of carbonate, and then fixed in the sediment.
In case of real use of the TC it should be required to mandatorily share the information between all carriers (state, private) which offer public transport services and nonobligatory for other carriers.
Abdulhakeem Al Aradi said "The insurance scheme is nonobligatory and is limited to IATA members." He added "It could serve as a viable alternative to the bank guarantee worth 100 thousand US dollars." I.Y BNA 1050 GMT 2017/10/22
Volunteering may be defined as a planned, nonobligatory helping behavior that is sustained over time, benefits strangers and takes place in organizational contexts (Penner, 2002).