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Adj.1.nonobligatory - not required by rule or law
optional - possible but not necessary; left to personal choice
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Abdulhakeem Al Aradi said "The insurance scheme is nonobligatory and is limited to IATA members.
Volunteering may be defined as a planned, nonobligatory helping behavior that is sustained over time, benefits strangers and takes place in organizational contexts (Penner, 2002).
From the perspective of the Mishna, the family's right to pursue the manslaughter hinges upon the nonobligatory nature of chopping wood.
Constitutional Challenges and the Nonobligatory Nature of Mandatory Detention 3.
And as I have argued, those who believe that it is praiseworthy to do acts that go beyond the call of duty--acts that are heroic or "supererogatory"--cannot make sense of their praise without drawing on the notion that such nonobligatory deeds are reflections of good character, and earn their moral merit from the moral pedigree of the character traits they reflect.
For instance, students may find it difficult to distinguish between obligatory and nonobligatory dependents (e.
Once L2 speakers have acquired the linguistic and pragmatic skills necessary to successfully complete service encounters, they may build upon their skills by incorporating other social functions into their conversations, such as relational talk and nonobligatory conversations about products or services, as has been shown to occur in previous service encounter research (Schau, Delande, & Gilly, 2007; Shively, 2013).
POL'Y 23, 24 (1994) ("[T]he practice of following precedent is not merely nonobligatory or a bad idea; it is affirmatively inconsistent with the federal Constitution.
Lastly, the dissent objected to the majority's dismissal of the authority interpreting Ponzi as making federal writs ad prosequendum nonobligatory.
that there is no God; he would still be worthless in his own eyes if on that account he were to hold the laws of duty to be merely imaginary, invalid, and nonobligatory, and were to decide to transgress them without fear.
Modiolarca subpicta is a nonobligatory tunic dweller that may switch ascidians hosts during its life cycle.
Officials argue that Travis and Buchanan need that much more water to recover before nonobligatory releases of "interruptible" water to rice farmers and other downstream users can be made.