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Failure or refusal to observe, as a religious custom or holiday.

non′ob·ser′vant adj.
non′ob·ser′vant·ly adv.
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failure to adhere to a custom or law
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(ˌnɒn əbˈzɜr vəns)

absence or lack of observance, as of religious practices and rituals or a law.
non`ob•serv′ant, adj.
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Noun1.nonobservance - a lack of conformity with law or custom or practice etc.
nonconformance, nonconformity - failure to conform to accepted standards of behavior
honoring, observance - conformity with law or custom or practice etc.
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The historians tell us with naive assurance that its causes were the wrongs inflicted on the Duke of Oldenburg, the nonobservance of the Continental System, the ambition of Napoleon, the firmness of Alexander, the mistakes of the diplomatists, and so on.
The stamp of publicity had of course been fully given by her confinement and departure, and the change itself was now ushered in by our nonobservance of the regular custom of the schoolroom.
It is noted that the inference of the ministerial agreement on administrative decisions in the education sector is not correct, given that only those teachers who have not been sanctioned with dismissal have been sought to initiate appeals for review and, on the contrary, the resolutions that separated other teachers have not been reviewed in order to clarify the commission of certain acts or the nonobservance of certain norms.
Trad9 says that, even if overloads in academic environments and pressure for productivity are real, it is important to question the risks of an abbreviated stay in the field, such as the dissemination of superficial knowledge, which would ultimately characterize ethical nonobservance. Geertz (6) states that a specific type of intellectual effort is fundamental to providing meaning to field experience", which he calls "dense description", usually obtained through immersion in the daily life of the group under analysis, focusing on details and the background of the scenes.
Thus, in society, it is suggested that the nonobservance of laws is a natural and logical response to any possible legal and regulatory imperfection.
Completion of this review, upon the granting of waivers of nonobservance for the endDecember 2018 performance criteria on the primary balance and net official international reserves, makes available SDR 118.5 million (about US$ 164.1 million), bringing total disbursements under the arrangement to SDR 833.73 million (about US$ 1.
The verdict says the word 'shall' used in section 16(a) of the NAO 1999 has been used in the context of conclusion of a trial by an accountability court and it is directory in nature and not mandatory because it does not provide for a penalty or a consequence in case of its nonobservance or non-compliance.
In case of nonobservance of the provision, the high court said that apprehending officers must state a justification or explanation, as well as the steps they took in order to preserve the integrity and evidentiary value of the confiscated items.
(7) But there was also considerable evidence of nonobservance in the Russian Empire's larger cities.
Facility Arrangement and Request for Waiver of Nonobservance of
In completing the review, the Executive Board granted the authorities' request for waivers for nonobservance of the end-December 2016 performance criteria on the domestic primary balance and changes in net bank financing of the central government, based on the corrective measures introduced by the authorities.