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Failure or refusal to observe, as a religious custom or holiday.

non′ob·ser′vant adj.
non′ob·ser′vant·ly adv.


not observant, esp not adhering to (religious) laws or practices
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Adj.1.nonobservant - failing or refusing to observe religious customs
irreligious - hostile or indifferent to religion
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It also freed observant Jewish funeral providers of any complications for refusing their nonobservant peers.
5- Accompany some of your nonobservant friends to inspiring lectures and sermons.
Fraser argues that children of all religious backgrounds have something to add to schools; he portrays a vision of schools where all children can feel welcome, rather than the school as a religious vacuum where only children from nonobservant families can feel comfortable.
This stigmatization is seen worldwide, nonobservant of differences in context and culture.
Yerushalmi, Freud's Moses [1991]) assumptions that Freud's parents were nonobservant and that their hiring a Catholic nanny indicated how "liberal" they were.
Although Piero had been an altar boy in his hometown of Belluno, he was nonobservant.
The data was meant to be observed only as a case study, as no general sample group of nonobservant men was studied in tandem to provide a level of comparison to the hormone levels.
The Jewish musician interviewed both Jewish and transgender people for the score (her nonobservant family's religious practices were like "Olive Garden compared to really good Italian restaurants"), including rabbis, Orthodox queers, trans men, and a trans woman who had to dress as a man at work in order to teach ("a real-life Yentl, but in reverse").
But very soon, such a plot device will no longer make sense outside the realm of time-travel, at which point authors like Rosenbaum will have to find other means, besides ethnic-sounding names, to make their nonobservant characters Jewish.
Shops in the area voluntarily close while Copts, nonobservant Muslims and women in Western dress withdraw from such areas or simply avoid being out in public at these times.
Although young adult Jews are by many measures relatively homogenous, there are also important differences, specifically, a gap in knowledge and perspective between religiously observant and nonobservant Jews (Freedman, 2000).
It was also a way, in his case, to connect with a tradition that he had not experienced growing up in a nonobservant Jewish household.