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Failure or refusal to observe, as a religious custom or holiday.

non′ob·ser′vant adj.
non′ob·ser′vant·ly adv.
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not observant, esp not adhering to (religious) laws or practices
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Adj.1.nonobservant - failing or refusing to observe religious customs
irreligious - hostile or indifferent to religion
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Emily Blake, the mohel who performed Mark's son's bris, about why this biblical practice has remained so central to the Jewish experience, even among the nonobservant. The folks at BimBam explain Lech Lecha, the parsha in which Abraham and God enter into the covenant that defines the Jewish people.
This helps explain Mark Rothko's chapel in Houston and Barnett Newman's "Stations of the Cross," 1958-66, two monumental, ostensibly Christian works by nonobservant Jews with strong spiritual inclinations.
(That nonobservant Judaism is fixated upon saving the entire "world" is a result of having exchanged faith in an all-powerful God for conviction that human reason is almighty, and thus capable of bringing about heaven on earth.) The overwhelming majority of Haredi Jews I've encountered across the country bless America for the freedom, security, and opportunity it provides.
The four groups during Ramadan are: (1) observant, postdinner, (2) nonobservant, postdinner, (3) observant, mid-fast, and (4) nonobservant, mid-fast.
Adopting the seemingly contradictory term "nonobservant Orthodoxy" to describe this group, he argued that its existence explains in part the blurred boarders between the Orthodox and Conservative movements during the period in question.
It also freed observant Jewish funeral providers of any complications for refusing their nonobservant peers.
4- Write some touching words and statements on small pieces of paper and then give them to those who are nonobservant. For example, you should choose titles like, "To my brother, the seller of songs...", "To my dear neighbour....", and so on, and then write a beneficial and short piece of advice under that title.
Fraser argues that children of all religious backgrounds have something to add to schools; he portrays a vision of schools where all children can feel welcome, rather than the school as a religious vacuum where only children from nonobservant families can feel comfortable.
This stigmatization is seen worldwide, nonobservant of differences in context and culture.
Although Piero had been an altar boy in his hometown of Belluno, he was nonobservant. Thus Sylvia arranged for his funeral to be held at the Tempietto Egizio (the little Egyptian Temple) in Campo Verano.
The data was meant to be observed only as a case study, as no general sample group of nonobservant men was studied in tandem to provide a level of comparison to the hormone levels.