a.1.(Chem., Physiol.) Not oxygenated.
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Historically, this possibility was not relevant, since the HoV values of nonoxygenated hydrocarbons are similar.
Chris said: "You've got four veins that come back from your lungs to carry your oxygen and they should go to the third chamber of the heart but her veins had connected to a different vein, which was going to the first chamber, so she was getting a mixture of oxygenated and nonoxygenated blood, red and blue blood, in her body, and had low oxygen levels.
While MRI visualizes anatomical details in living things by considering magnetic charges, fMRI records "the differences between oxygenated and nonoxygenated blood cells due to their magnetic charges, so more active neurons can be distinguished from less active ones.
If you can find and afford nonoxygenated gas, it's the way to go," says our favorite motorhead, Rick Muscoplat.
3-L engines burning fuel blended to 2001-2002 national average specifications for regular unleaded, nonoxygenated fuel and operated on the California Unified Driving Cycle (McDonald et al.
The nonoxygenated samples were exposed to a headspace of pure nitrogen for 30 min.
The ultimate demand for ethanol in RFG will depend on gasoline refiners' and suppliers' decisions about whether to market ethanol-blended or nonoxygenated RFG.
With the waiver, California refineries could meet the air quality standards with flexibility and nonoxygenated gasoline as they have proven they can do (U.
air quality benefit to the use of oxygenates such as MTBE in reformulated gasoline" when compared with nonoxygenated formulations.
Our best University of California scientists commissioned by the State of California and many others long ago reported that "there is no significant additional air quality benefit to the use of oxygenates such as MTBE in reformulated gasoline relative to the alternative CaRFG2 (California Reformulated Gas) nonoxygenated formulations.
gingivalis, universally acknowledged as a primary periodontal pathogen, thrives in an nonoxygenated environment, an environment associated with nicotine.
The positive effects on the survival of the larvae by supplying oxygen to water-containing transport units was noted for all the different methods and for all the different times, with significant difference from the nonoxygenated systems noted at 36 h (P < 0.