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Noun1.nonparticipation - withdrawing from the activities of a group
group action - action taken by a group of people
isolation - a country's withdrawal from international politics; "he opposed a policy of American isolation"
neutrality - nonparticipation in a dispute or war
involvement, participation, involution, engagement - the act of sharing in the activities of a group; "the teacher tried to increase his students' engagement in class activities"
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The loss in leisure in the present case is the same as in the previous cases of nonparticipation or young-age participation and working.
He called such official worship a "unifying mechanism" and said he saw no reason to "spare the nonbeliever what seems to me the minimal inconvenience of standing or even sitting in respectful nonparticipation."
All relevant information is provided to the entire board for their review and vote on whether to remove the board member for nonparticipation.
A simulation study was conducted to explore the potential of state assessment scores to improve adjustments for nonparticipation (McLaughlin, Gallagher, and Stancavage, 2004).
"With the little guys locked in the dungeon of nonparticipation, the rich and powerful will run politics, much as they did before the adoption of the first and foremost campaign reform, the First Amendment.
When emotions are extreme, a student should be given an option of nonparticipation in an activity that is too painful for them.
Some call it "crisis of nonparticipation." To wit: Although virtually everyone under 30 works hard, they rarely, if ever, offer ideas or suggestions, however fervently solicited.
''The international community is getting frustrated by the (Tigers) nonparticipation and delay in (the resumption) of the peace talks,'' he told reporters at the close of a review meeting.
In addition, without specific knowledge of NPs on which to probe respondents, these studies may actually underestimate use or miss aspects of the nonparticipation story (see "Data and Method" section).
The Educational Testing Service attempts to account for nonparticipation by statistically adjusting NAEP scores, but its efforts are limited by the data available, making it likely that declining rates have by themselves elevated test scores.
In the 1940s and '50s, Antony Tudor--now usually called the great Antony Tudor--was abused for his nonparticipation in World War II and for his emphasis on subtle, choreographic characterization along Freudian lines (see page 30).
There are also sensitive treatments of "inauthentic participation" and "voluntary nonparticipation." In later sections that attempt to deal with Yugoslav self-management, the Israeli kibbutz, and participation in Japan, however, Heller strains to cover topics with which he is less familiar, causing these discussions to lean heavily on narrow sets of sources.