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Adj.1.nonperiodic - not recurring at regular intervals
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* interest on a notional principal contract's significant nonperiodic payments for noncleared swaps.
* time value components for non-cleared swaps with significant nonperiodic payments; and
However, up to now, the construction of (C, [C.sup.m,v])-fast/quasifast solvers for nonperiodic equations (1.1) was an open problem.
3405(b), a nonperiodic distribution from an IRA is subject to a flat 10% withholding (if not electing to have no withholding).
Polonsky and Keer [6] discussed the periodicity error associated with the application of the FFT to nonperiodic problems and proposed a correction based on the multilevel multisummation (MLMS) technique.
If this is the case and the problem is nonperiodic, the governing equation can be represented with a series of Chebyshev polynomials.
Lorenz, "Deterministic nonperiodic flow," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, vol.
We remark that the terms [y.sub.2](t, 0) and [y.sub.3](t, 0) are nonperiodic and unbounded as t [right arrow] +[infinity].
The nonperiodic nature of the image leads to artifacts in the Fourier transform, usually known as edge artifacts or series termination errors.
On the other hand, TRNGs generate unpredictable, entropy dependent, and nonperiodic numbers.
In (4), e(t) represents the nonperiodic component of x(t), which could be a noise signal or some stochastic process.
Curve fitting 3: sensor measurement (compensated for periodic and nonperiodic errors).