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A person whose existence is systematically ignored or concealed, especially one whose removal from the attention and memory of the public is sought for reasons of ideological or political deviation.
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(nɒnˈpɜr sən)

1. a person whose existence is not recognized.
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Noun1.nonperson - a person regarded as nonexistent and having no rights; a person whose existence is systematically ignored (especially for ideological or political reasons); "the former senator is treated as a nonperson by this administration"; "George Orwell predicted that political dissidents would be treated as unpersons"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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Coming from nonperson status to being valued as human beings is a long arduous journey and one of the most difficult parts of the journey has been being faced with those who carried forward the century's old engrained view that people of African descent are "less than" or as people whose lives, livelihood, well-being, families, and communities are unimportant.
Kamala is a courageous woman: Rendered a nonperson by her widowhood, she leaves her husband's family to build an independent life for herself -- a breathtaking risk for a teenager with a new baby -- and eventually travels to the United States to testify in the case against Kellogg Brown & Root.
She was officially "banned" under draconian restrictions intended to make her a nonperson, unable to work, socialise, move freely or be quoted in the South African news media, even as she raised their two daughters, Zenani and Zindziswa.In a crackdown in May 1969, five years after her husband was sent to prison, she was arrested and held for 17 months, 13 in solitary confinement.
The Prevalence of AAS Use and Frequency of Used Drugs Variable Number Percent Current AAS use - 819 88.8 + 101 11.2 History of AAS use + 210 22.9 - 710 87.1 Reasons for AAS use Power 193 21.2 Professional sport 193 21.2 Appearance 534 57.6 Type of drug Depo testostron 12 1.33 Nonperson 25 2.7 Sostanol 31 3.36 Neo Durabolin 42 4.5 Stanazol 69 7.5 Vinestral 69 7.5 Methyltestosterone 69 7.5 Darabolin 75 8.15 Anaderol 93 10.1 Oxandrolone 126 13.69 Testosterone 148 16.08 Dianabol 161 17.5 Table 2.
and in that very Majlis, from Ardakan, was my dear brother Seyed Mohammad Khatami," the president said, ignoring the Soviet-style ban intended to make Khatami a nonperson.
It is interesting that Harry Belafonte, another recognized black actor during this time, supposedly rejected the part of Homer "as he deemed the character a nonperson" (Mapp 2008, 16).
Assuming one understands the distinction between participating in argumentation and pretending to do so or being forced to mouth or write down certain words, one cannot conceive of a case of argumentation in which an arguer lacks the self-controlled capabilities that distinguish a human natural person from a nonperson (e.g., a cat or a wardrobe) or an artificial person (e.g., a robot or corporation--one cannot argue with a robot, although one can argue with its manufacturers or programmers, and one cannot argue with a corporation, but one can argue with the people that own, manage, or represent it).
Tinker agreed with Gutierrez's assertion that the focus of the church should not be on the nonbeliever but, rather, on the "nonperson" (meaning the person who is poor, exploited, and treated as if she or he were less than human).
(18) Consequently, the husband bore the moral and legal obligation to provide for his wife because she essentially became a nonperson lacking employment opportunities, access to her property, (19) and even the ability to contract, sue, or be sued.
The unfree nonperson is embedded in--at work within--the verb "says" and the noun "she." The unfree nonperson says she was born free.