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In addition, because gang data are shared by police with various nonpolice agencies, a process that violates data protection laws (Mohdin 2018), the racialization of gang crime has a detrimental impact on the employment, education, housing, immigration status, and general life prospects of young Black people.
It has been confirmed that a nonpolice firearm was recovered from his property.
"Offhand, barangay officials are not supposed to be law enforcement officials but local chief executives tasked to enforce the laws in the barangays but with nonpolice powers.
The court heard Owen accessed the Police National Computer - which holds records of people's convictions and cautions - for nonpolice purposes.
Epidemiological reports of Reichard and Jackson[9] demonstrated a higher prevalence of obesity among police officers, compared to nonpolice workers because police work is recognized as a dangerous occupation.
Here is one statistic we need to keep close tabs on: the number of killings of 'drug personalities' that the police will attribute to vigilante or nonpolice groups, which they aggregate under the label of 'deaths under investigation.'
It also discusses studies that support the shift from the paradigm focused on body weight and weight loss diets to the paradigm of conscious eating, a new strategy that is nonpunitive and nonpolice.
The force says around 15% of the one million calls made to them every year - or 400 a day - concern nonpolice matters which they have to redirect to the appropriate organisation.
The IPCC said a nonpolice weapon has been recovered from the scene.
(30) Nixon's trial lawyer evidently prepared the case well; after he deposed all of the prosecution's witnesses, (31) he concluded that guilt was not "subject to any reasonable dispute." (32) In addition to physical evidence, there were police and nonpolice confessions.
Some use PredPol to direct nonpolice resources--drug intervention workers or even street clergy."
716, 727 (2012) (expressing concern about opening the floodgates to reliability challenges to pretrial identification procedures if the Court were to permit nonpolice orchestrated procedures to be considered under the Due Process Clause).