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July 2018 saw the first time in the history of the erstwhile Fata region that all 12 NA seats were won by political parties against the nonpolitical elites.
Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra issued Department Circular 001, reminding prosecutors that no less than the 1987 Constitution prohibits nonpolitical government officers and employees from electioneering and from engaging in partisan political activity.
The Jesuit priest gave a nonpolitical homily and did not mention Robredo, focusing his talk on the language of love that empowers Christians to spread God's message.
Summary: Efforts to form a new government marked time Friday as Hezbollah reiterated that a nonpolitical government is unrealistic, adding that an all-inclusive Cabinet should be formed to handle the huge tasks ahead.
So, nonpolitical police commissioners or political ones, that's the question?
These preachers, by radicalising various layers of the society, will ignite it - so these groups and their activities should be put under the counterterrorism [microscope] rather than ignoring them as nonpolitical and nonmilitant preachers," The Christian Science Monitor quoted Arif Jamal, author of "Shadow War: The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir," as saying.
When this Commission was founded six-seven years ago, the idea was that it should be an independent, nonpolitical, neutral, professional, respectable and authoritative in its field of functioning.
I AM astonished to keep reading in the papers that the fire station cuts are nonpolitical.
He has been outspoken about the absolute necessity of keeping political considerations out of the hiring process for career and nonpolitical employees.
As a Minister, however, Lord Jones mixes his nonpolitical role with the task of answering questions about Government policy in the House of Lords, which makes little sense.
They doled out tips for how nonpolitical nonprofits can survive the potentially very heated 2008 presidential and congressional election season.
"As officers, you will have the responsibility to communicate to those below you that the American military must be nonpolitical and recognize the obligation we owe the Congress to be honest and true in our reporting to them, especially when it involves admitting mistakes or problems.