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I'd go so far as to say that those who oppose such nonpolluting and harmless developments forfeit all moral right to use electricity, given that the only alternative, the continued combustion of fossil fuels, is already bringing misery to millions of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet.
EDC is the only recipient of the seal under the 'Track 1' category of the PEPP, which seeks to promote the use of nonpolluting business processes.
Two parcels for construction of gas stations in Oresani and in Gradsko, four parcels for wineries in Debarca and Dojran, seven parcels for commercial and business facilities in Oresani and 15 construction land parcels for construction of facilities for light nonpolluting industry, services and warehouses in Oresani and Gjorce Petrov are for sale.
The Delhi government has been promoting nonpolluting industries and services sector has been fuelling the city's economy in the last decade.
Bakraceski presented to his Chinese hosts the conditions for investment in the nonpolluting industry and in building luxurious hotels.
Other combinations of taxes on polluting sources and subsidies for nonpolluting sources are also evaluated.
The delivery follows a Memorandum of Understanding between HEC and ITM in which the two companies combine the hydrogen-fueled electrical gen-set and the electrolyzer to develop nonpolluting grid-independent power.
The fuel cell hybrid system provides the ship with a nonpolluting and virtually silent drive.
The natural abundance of hydrogen and its capacity to store and release energy in a nonpolluting manner make it highly appealing as a potential source of energy.
"Bicycling isn't just fun and healthy and nonpolluting, it's sexy.
AFM Safecoat comes doctor-recommended for its environmentally friendly practices and nonpolluting properties.