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1. Not yielding or producing: nonproductive land.
2. Not engaged in the direct production of goods: nonproductive personnel.
A person who produces no useful work.

non′pro·duc′tive·ly adv.


1. (Commerce) (of workers) not directly responsible for producing goods
2. having disappointing results; unproductive
ˌnonproˈductiveness n
nonproductivity n


(ˌnɒn prəˈdʌk tɪv)

1. not productive.
2. not producing goods directly, as supervisors or inspectors.
non`pro•duc′tive•ness, non`pro•duc•tiv′i•ty (-proʊ dʌkˈtɪv ɪ ti, -prɒd ək-) n.
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Adj.1.nonproductive - not directly productive; "nonproductive labor"
unproductive - not producing or capable of producing; "elimination of high-cost or unproductive industries"
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The company says Control Centre delivers power-picking productivity increases of up to 50% according to logistics users and other benefits include the facility to assign picks to warehouse operatives on-screen, track pick status in real time and measure pickers' performance by individual and by team, including time spent on 'nonproductive' tasks such as cleaning or loading.
However, it will still have fixed costs such as the supervisor, mandatory safety and human relations training (nonproductive time), wait time for unscheduled maintenance or other problems (nonproductive time) and benefits.
The writer launched a damning attack on the Arts Council who want to slash grants for "nonproductive" artists.
Assembly Bill 1513, authored by Assemblymember Das Williams (D-Carpinteria) and signed into law by Governor Brown in 2015, established pay requirements for piece-rate workers for mandated rest and recovery breaks and other nonproductive time.
The population is subdivided into nine (9) mutually-exclusive compartments, namely, Careful Productive Susceptibles, [S.sub.1p]; Careful NonProductive Susceptibles, [S.sub.1n]; Careless-Productive Susceptibles, [S.sub.2p]; Careless-Non-Productive Susceptibles, [S.sub.2n]; Careful-Productive Infectives, [I.sub.1p]; Careful-Non-Productive Infectives, [I.sub.1n]; Careless-Productive Infectives, I2p; Careless-NonProductive Infectives, [I.sub.2n]; and AIDS patients, A, so that we have N = [S.sub.1P] + [S.sub.1n] + [S.sub.2p] + [S.sub.2n] + [I.sub.1p] + [I.sub.1n] + [I.sub.2p] + [I.sub.2n] + A.
This compares to the more typical two coats that require two eight-hour worker shifts with significant nonproductive time in between coats, and return to service times that vary widely with the environment in which it is being applied.
More importantly, nonproductive orientation costs remained the same.
@ianmalcolmwilso Bernie Slaven A SLUGGISH, boring, nonproductive game of football.
With already high inflation and ballooning budget deficit because of falling rupee, expenditures on nonproductive activities like this would further aggravate the economic problems of the country which is faltering in many areas, Dr.
The rated capacity is then classified into three segments: idle, nonproductive, or productive.
Therefore, stop gossip, destructive and nonproductive talk.
To count these workers as nonproductive is total nonsense.