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Adj.1.nonpsychoactive - not affecting the mind or mental processes; "a nonpsychoactive pain reliever"
psychoactive, psychotropic - affecting the mind or mood or other mental processes; "psychoactive drugs"
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Cannabidiol is the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that's best known for its perceived medical benefits.
Cannabidiol has generally been recognized as nonpsychoactive, and the FDA assigned it a very low probability of causing dependence or addiction problems in its own review of human data.
have found that treating blood samples of patients with dermatomyositis with the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid ajulemic acid appears to limit the production of pathogenic cytokines.
Hope's products use CBD, the nonpsychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and include tea, ointments and sweets.
Hemp, a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, has traditionally been used to make rope, textiles and other products, but most of the crop today is grown to satisfy demand for CBD, a nonpsychoactive chemical present in modest amounts in marijuana and hemp plants.
LIGHTING up a joint may be criminal but a derivative of cannabis - Cannabidiol (CBD) - a nonpsychoactive compound derived from it is now being used to benefit your skin.
By then, perhaps, the next question may be whether the federal government is preparing to legalize cannabis--as it recently did with hemp, pot's nonpsychoactive cousin.
She grew and harvested her own plants, studied cross-breeding and genetics, earned a license to supply the San Francisco dispensary Harborside, and developed a potent strain of high cannabidiol marijuana (CBD, a nonpsychoactive compound with medicinal properties) that won acclaim from the industry leading High Times magazine and Oaksterdam News.
It is nonpsychoactive, unlike its notorious sibling, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and offers an alluring, all-natural option for consumers seeking holistic relief for countless conditions, including pain, anxiety, inflammation and spasms, sans the lethargic side effects of its prescription counterparts.
Today Fagundes grows hemp, a nonpsychoactive variety of cannabis, as a source of cannabidiol, which is used as a treatment for epilepsy and other ailments.
Lawmakers are instead studying how to legalize the cultivation of nonpsychoactive strains of cannabis for medicinal and industrial use, and are hopeful that the legalization of some form of cannabis production would be a way to turn farmers in the impoverished Bekaa Valley away from illicit cultivation of the crop.
While THC is the psychoactive derivative of marijuana that produces a high, CBD is known as the nonpsychoactive or nonintoxicating derivative.