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Adj.1.nonracist - unprejudiced about race
unprejudiced, impartial - free from undue bias or preconceived opinions; "an unprejudiced appraisal of the pros and cons"; "the impartial eye of a scientist"
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After all, reasonable, nonracist Americans are shocked by the militancy of the extreme leftists illegally destroying these statues.
This is the exact opposite of the traditional non-racial analysis that had been interjected into the American history books that argue the motives for reconstruction were altruistic and nonracist.
The court accepted several nonracist reasons why the Virginia state legislature found appointive school boards favorable as opposed to appointed school boards.
The militant left was able to capture Indigenous and female interests with "their nonracist forms of daily interaction and their broad, egalitarian, and emancipatory language, which Indians interpreted as support for their political, economic, and cultural rights" (p.
Helms's (1990) WRID model proposes a general two-stage developmental process for Whites that entails movement from a lack of consciousness about racism and the salience of race to heightened consciousness and efforts to live as a nonracist.
75); and Autonomy, which represents a nonracist White identity with appreciation of racial differences and similarities (pretest [alpha] = .
Beyond that, organizationally, being prepared would have meant a readiness to design, propose, install, and operate a better system--human, nonracist, democratic, and Africans.
The indigenous, nonracist origins of the American skinhead subculture.
Here, summarized, are the nine recommendations: (1) Haitianize; (2) retain only nonracist U.
None were free of what they considered justifiable anti-Judaism and even, for some, nonracist anti-Semitism.
In her analysis, Wood points to the ways in which images of white, middle-class women as rape victims, "transform the rampant racism in the American system of justice into what appears as a reasonable, necessary and nonracist justification for punishment" (2005:6).
Panic feeds a decline in property values, leading even nonracist whites to leave the neighborhood.