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Adj.1.nonreflective - not capable of physical reflection
reflective - capable of physically reflecting light or sound; "a reflective surface"
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Related here also is education in loss, deficiency, and disorder--in the possibility of the warping of affective potential and the content of consequential existential states, as states nonreflective of actual potential determined by nature.
So, I paint them with the same nonreflective spray paint I use on the bow.
The researchers conducted a series of controlled measurements of tornadic debris in an anechoic chamber--a nonreflective or echo-free room designed to fully absorb sound and other waves in order to learn about the scattering tendencies of various kinds of tornadic debris, including leaves, shingles, and boards.
The client's coping strategies revolved around nonreflective, survival-based avoidance responses; thus, enhancing the client's self-regulation skills and engagement was critical.
At a nonreflective level, the teacher focuses on one explanation or solution.
In a related but different vein, Deetz (1996) voiced concern that researchers often draw from multiple research traditions without accounting for their research position, which may lead to a nonreflective mixing of concepts and research practices.
With a nonreflective color display, backlit keypad, and long battery life, the 5.
Apply film with thin horizontal lines to any large sheets of glass, and for new windows, use nonreflective pones with embedded ceramic patterns.
In addition, the insignificant difference between the diabetic and control groups with regard to this scale scores may be a result of nonreflective high scale scores of the diabetic group diagnosed with anxiety and depression to the overall average and the small sample size.
Use an anti-glare cover or nonreflective coating on the screen.
Iapetus, the third largest of Saturn's many moons, is well-known for its two-faced appearance, with one side of its surface composed of dark and nonreflective, blackened material, while the other side is made up of a very bright, freshly gleaming, and highly reflective ice.
Unlike other Bond Arms derringers, the Backup's stainless steel frame wears a black crinkle powdercoat and the barrel is bead blasted, the rationale being that a concealed carry gun should have a nonreflective surface in order to avoid drawing undue attention.