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Adj.1.nonrepetitive - marked by the absence of repetition; "nonrepetitive DNA sequence"; "nonrepetitive dance movements"
repetitious, repetitive - characterized by repetition; "repetitive movement"
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We analyzed a representative subset of 953 sequenced isolates from a collection of 4,386 nonrepetitive ESBL-producing E.
Transcripts were analyzed to produce a nonrepetitive list of significant statements made by each participant about their conceptualization of inclusive education and persistent challenges confronting them.
Microsatellites are preferentially associated with nonrepetitive DNA in plant genomes.
IS 6110 is one of the frequently used repetitive sequences[22] while 16S rRNA is a nonrepetitive sequence.
Effects of repeated readings and nonrepetitive strategies on students' fluency and comprehension.
Furthermore, The EOG is time-varying and nonrepetitive, thus, the adaptive filter algorithm can be used to train the parameters.
Each statement is treated with equal value, and, eventually, a list of nonrepetitive and nonoverlapping statements is amassed, (c) These significant statements were then grouped into larger units of information known as meaning units or themes, (d) A description was written based on these themes, of what the participants experienced--what happened--using verbatim examples.
When the market environment is chaotic, such resource combinations become less efficacious due to procedural rigidity in their operational ability, shifting customer bases, preferences and customer service expectations, semi-structured complex information sharing of a short-lived nature, and nonrepetitive custom product specifications.
The SGAs ( state government agencies) had provided hard copies of the registration numbers of the vehicles used in transportation and audit had selected nonrepetitive 3,319 vehicles at random of 31 mandis .