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Adj.1.nonrepresentative - not standing for something else
representative - standing for something else; "the bald eagle is representative of the United States"
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Second, we used convenience sampling, which is a nonrepresentative procedure.
Limitations of this study include the use of a small convenience sample, which may be nonrepresentative.
10,15] The discrepancy among the values in these studies, including ours, can be explained by differences in the study design, nonstandardization of the technique, different methods of statistical analysis, nonrepresentative samples, different sample collection sites, differences in the professional who performed the smear, inadequate cellularity of the smear, and mainly, the experience of the pathologist.
Word-of-mouth may be generated by a handful of vocal, nonrepresentative parents or by opinionated community members who have never set foot inside the school.
Peruse a typical law school syllabus and you'll surely find, milling about with treatments of the most commonly litigated questions and important workaday doctrines, a generous helping of cases that are nonrepresentative, rare, or downright sui generis.
5) Report defects (eg, lost tissue, inadequate sample, nonrepresentative sampling, discrepant measurements, inappropriate ancillary studies) Typographic errors 37 (30.
A test result from a nonrepresentative sample has little value.
Moreover, online surveys typically run the risk attracting a nonrepresentative sample of the population -- as only those inclined to answer favorably might respond.
In 29 cases, a definite opinion could not be given on FS as the samples examined were nonrepresentative [Table 5].
This study used convenience sampling, which is more likely to be nonrepresentative of the population of individuals experiencing acute extremity musculoskeletal injury.
The nonrepresentative properties were not individually appraised; instead they were further divided into twenty-two subgroups, with each subgroup having one parcel appraised as a proxy for the fair market value.
We didn't truck with a thieving, nonrepresentative government then and we don't need to watch another one grow under our feet on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge while the occupiers thumb their noses at those of us who work hard, pay our dues and taxes and try to get along.