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 (nŏn-rĕz′ĭ-dənt, -dĕnt′)
1. Not living in a particular place: nonresident students who commute to classes.
2. Owned by, applying to, or characteristic of a person who is not a resident of a particular place: nonresident property; a nonresident fishing license.

non·res′i·dence, non·res′i·den·cy n.
non·res′i·dent n.
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because her] noncitizenship and nonresidence are grounds of ineligibility for a member of the Senate, thus, a member can be disqualified to continue as senator on these grounds.
On the patchiness of records and the award of these degrees in conjunction with a clerical posting and dispensation for nonresidence, see S.
By the French Revolution, many laity can be found decrying monastic complacency and episcopal nonresidence, but defending their cherished priests.
We also conceptualized father nonresidence as a risk, hence we expected stronger negative associations between depressive symptoms and father involvement when fathers were nonresident.
Academic advisors, orientation leaders, Greek and other nonresidence hall housing staff, and university faculty are all individuals who might also benefit from suicide prevention training, because of their contact with students.
Lamb further elaborates on the effects of paternal nonresidence (in emotional terms as well) and he maintains that father-absence is harmful not because a sex role model is absent, but because crucial paternal roles are inadequately filled (for example, by a dominant mother).
Indeed, to put it more strongly, the nonresidence of emotions is what makes them 'binding'" (119).
I]f the court has no jurisdiction over the person of the defendant by reason of his nonresidence, and, consequently, no authority to pass upon his personal rights and obligations; if the whole proceeding, without service upon him or his appearance, is coram nonjudice and void; if to hold a defendant bound by such a judgment is contrary to the first principles of justice,--it is difficult to see how the judgment can legitimately have any force within the State.
During the period of nonresidence, the taxpayer would not be taxed by the United States on non-U.
at 472 ("The mere fact of nonresidence should not foreclose a producer in one State from access to markets in other States.
Rampino, Annotation, Tolling of Statute of Limitations During Absence from State as Affected by Fact that Party Claiming Benefit of Limitations Remained Subject to Service During Absence or Nonresidence, 55 A.
There is a tremendous difference between residence and nonresidence courses.