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Adj.1.nonresilient - not resilient
inelastic - not elastic; "economists speak of an inelastic price structure"
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Furthermore, in line with Pargament and colleagues' theorizing and research on religious coping and problem solving (Pargament et al., 1988, 2000), results revealed there are resilient forms of religious coping and problem solving (e.g., collaborative coping, positive reappraisal) and nonresilient forms of religious coping and problem solving (e.g., deferring coping and self-directing coping).
A large, influential study found impressive differences between resilient and nonresilient students on several measures of school engagement [12].
In addition, an observer for which the estimation error diverges by a small perturbation in the observer gain is referred to as fragile or nonresilient. The observability of FOS has been addressed in several papers.
Resilient individuals react positively to events, while nonresilient individuals become pessimistic, fail to develop, and allow events to destroy them emotionally and physically.
A Taber H38 nonresilient vitrified clay-carborundum abradant was used during the whole study [25].
When [DELTA]k - 0, a nonresilient controller will be obtained.
We see nonresilient buildings and settlements all around us, that are vulnerable to climate change.
If Ramo's nihilistic vision of the future holds true, the nonresilient will become the wreckage of bygone civilizations.
She observed that the resilient children and their families had some specific attributes that differentiate them from nonresilient individuals (Werner & Smith, 1982).
Longitudinal health endangering behavior risk among resilient and nonresilient early adolescents.
Motivation and learning environmental differences between resilient and nonresilient Latino middle school students.