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1. Not restrictive: nonrestrictive zoning.
2. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a subordinate clause or phrase that describes but does not identify or restrict the meaning of the noun, phrase, or clause it modifies, as the clause who live in a small condo in the sentence The Smiths, who live in a small condo, have 11 cats.


1. not restrictive or limiting
2. (Grammar) grammar denoting a relative clause that is not restrictive. Compare restrictive2


(ˌnɒn rɪˈstrɪk tɪv)

1. not restrictive.
2. pertaining to a word, phrase, or clause that describes or supplements a modified element but is not essential in establishing its identity, as the relative clause which has been dry in the sentence This year, which has been dry, was bad for crops. In English a nonrestrictive clause is usu. set off by commas. Compare restrictive (def. 3).
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Adj.1.nonrestrictive - not limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase; "the nonrestrictive clause in `I always buy his books, which have influenced me greatly,' refers to his books generally and adds an additional fact about them"
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
unrestrictive - not tending to restrict
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Guidelines like these preclude sheer, low-cut or backless tops, while allowing for alternatives that would serve some of the same purposes as a bra: jackets, cardigans, thick but nonrestrictive camisoles, adhesive "petals" or scarves.
Since the retroperitoneum is rather large, flexible and nonrestrictive space and schwannomas are almost invariably slow growing, the diagnosis of retroperitoneal schwannomas is often delayed or incidental and they can reach a significant size at the time of diagnosis (4,9).
Caption: The SunLight Project has investigated issues such as race relations and Georgia's nonrestrictive gun laws.
Garments were designed mainly with the notion to provide the wearer ease and comfort, which is imperative for the modern lifestyle, thus using light-weight fabrics and nonrestrictive shapes.
Wear nonrestrictive clothing (sweatpants or shorts, and T-shirts) and shoes that don't stick to the floor but have enough traction to prevent slipping.
Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) showed partitioned right atrium by a membrane which was nonrestrictive allowing passage of blood from superior to inferior chamber evidenced by the colour doppler and pulse wave doppler.
Specifications used are intended to be open and nonrestrictive.
The festival is unique because it's completely nonrestrictive - there are no fences, no tickets, and you can bring your own food and drink.
The nonrestrictive relative clauses, by contrast, though antithetical, merely give some additional information on the two groups of comrades.
If a subordinate clause follows the main clause, add a comma if the clause is nonrestrictive, that is, if it could be omitted without altering the fundamental meaning of the sentence.
Young adults will enjoy the philosophical questions asked within the poems, as this technique encourages open-ended thought and conversation, a nonrestrictive form that can be easily appreciated.
Percutaneous closure of nonrestrictive aortopulmonary window in three infants.