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1. That cannot be returned: Merchandise on sale is generally nonreturnable.
2. Not exchangeable for a deposit: nonreturnable bottles.


(Commerce) denoting a container, esp a bottle, on which no returnable deposit is paid on purchase of the contents


(ˌnɒn rɪˈtɜr nə bəl)

1. not returnable, esp. not returnable to a vendor for refund of a deposit.
2. something that is not returnable.
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Adj.1.nonreturnable - that may not be returned; "nonreturnable bottles cannot be exchanged for a deposit"; "sale merchandise is nonreturnable"
returnable - that may be returned; "returnable bottles and cans"; "this merchandise is returnable if you save the receipt"


[ˌnɒnrɪˈtɜːnəbl] adj nonreturnable bottlevuoto a perdere
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3/0 american wire gauge (awg), 19-strand, hard-drawn, furnished on nonreturnable reels of 1,000 circuit-feet each; 3 m feet, cable, copper, single-conductor, no.
Participants must submit a completed entry form and two nonreturnable hard copies of their own manga work of more than 16 pages.
140) In the Rudisa Beverages case, two companies claimed that the imposition by Guyana of an environmental levy, or tax, on all nonreturnable beverage containers imported to that country constituted a violation of the RTC.
The result: mandatory reports were generated on time, fines for late reports were a thing of the past, and the unbudgeted expense for nonreturnable memory, CPUs, and licenses was no longer necessary
Initially, I was informed that I would have to pay a nonreturnable deposit of PS399.
The author's book purchase is royalty exclusive and nonreturnable.
While a participant in the task force, the Association still publicly criticized the half measures then being proposed by its industry representatives and argued for new recycling policies and the banning of nonreturnable packaging (CAC files, Annual Meetings 1974, 1975).
As many as 262 trading establishments were caught by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai for violating consumer protection rules by printing a notice which reads 'goods sold are nonreturnable and irreplaceable' on the purchase receipts despite being warned against it.
About 30 million nonreturnable glass bottles and cardboard packaging currently used will be converted into returnable bottles and plastic crates helping to reduce landfill and CO2 emissions.
The durability and scratch and chemical resistance of one-component waterborne polyurethane coatings make them applicable for returnable and nonreturnable bottles, decorative tableware, and perfume bottles.
456, 470-74 (1981) (upholding a state statute banning retail sale of milk in plastic nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers because the incidental burden imposed on interstate commerce was not clearly excessive in relation to the putative local benefits).
The licensor of an entertainment property with a narrow licensing program secured the interest of a toy manufacturer to make a joint presentation to a major retailer with the assurance that if the retailer signs on there would be no advance, and the guarantee would be based only on the nonreturnable portion of the order.