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1. Not rigid: a nonrigid frame.
2. Of, relating to, or being a lighter-than-air aircraft that holds its shape by gas pressure.


1. not rigid; flexible
2. (Aeronautics) (of the gas envelope of an airship) flexible and held in shape only by the internal gas pressure


(nɒnˈrɪdʒ ɪd)

1. not rigid.
2. designating a type of airship having a flexible gas container without a supporting structure and held in shape only by the pressure of the gas within.
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Adj.1.nonrigid - designating an airship having a shape maintained only by internal gas pressure and without a supporting structure
aeronautics, astronautics - the theory and practice of navigation through air or space
rigid - designating an airship or dirigible having a form maintained by a stiff unyielding frame or structure
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