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1. Not rigid: a nonrigid frame.
2. Of, relating to, or being a lighter-than-air aircraft that holds its shape by gas pressure.
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1. not rigid; flexible
2. (Aeronautics) (of the gas envelope of an airship) flexible and held in shape only by the internal gas pressure
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(nɒnˈrɪdʒ ɪd)

1. not rigid.
2. designating a type of airship having a flexible gas container without a supporting structure and held in shape only by the pressure of the gas within.
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Adj.1.nonrigid - designating an airship having a shape maintained only by internal gas pressure and without a supporting structure
aeronautics, astronautics - the theory and practice of navigation through air or space
rigid - designating an airship or dirigible having a form maintained by a stiff unyielding frame or structure
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Therefore, after PET and MRI registration, the resulting images were nonrigidly registered once more with MNI152 atlas (2 mm) using the open source software NiftyReg.
If we understand identity as a relation expressible only by proper names, and if we assume that proper names are rigid designators, characterized in Kripke's way, overlooking the fact that objects can also be nonrigidly designated with very different implications for K(Q-W), then it is logically uninteresting to conclude that identity is always necessary and never merely contingent.
However, since the PET volumes were physically coregistered to the ungated CT scan, they were deformed to the inhale phase using deformation vectors calculated by nonrigidly registering the ungated CT to the inhale CT volume using the symmetric log-domain diffeomorphic demons algorithm (ver.