Operating without a regular schedule of passenger or cargo flights: a nonscheduled airline.


(ˌnɒnˈʃɛdjuːld) (esp US ˌnɒnˈskɛdʒʊəld)
1. not according to a schedule or plan; unscheduled
2. (Aeronautics) (of an airline) operating without published flight schedules


(nɒnˈskɛdʒ uld, -ʊld, -u əld; Brit. -ˈʃɛd yuld, -ˈʃɛdʒ uld)

(of an airline or plane) authorized to carry passengers or freight between specified points as demand warrants, rather than on a regular schedule.
[1945–50, Amer.]
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PhilJets has also been working on upgrading its license capability from civil aviation authority to evolve from nonscheduled domestic to nonscheduled international, a necessity when entering the jet market.
In the third quarter of 2017, nonscheduled airfreight companies pushed their transaction prices up 2.
said it is planning to fly nonscheduled services to 13 Chinese cities.
While such major work obviously causes disruption - something which operator Nexus has managed and communicated well - it is the nonscheduled delays which is the cause of immense frustration.
The new airline is expected to operate nonscheduled jet services for both government and commercial customers worldwide with a MD-88 aircraft, a second of which is scheduled for delivery in mid-December.
KALANIDHi Maran, who runs 20 television channels and two general newspapers in south India, has been keen to enter the aviation business and had even received a no- objection certificate from the civil aviation ministry to run a nonscheduled air passenger service, KAL Airways.
Nonscheduled freight operators also use the airport.
The answer lies in the lifetime duration of these weekly benefits to claimants with nonscheduled permanent partial disability.
Canadian Transportation Agency yesterday issued licenses to startup Porter Airlines to operate domestic and nonscheduled international services using medium aircraft.
The office's big missions include ocean shipping, nonscheduled liner cargo and management of intermodal equipment.
1 to give Washington reporters one of the biggest days of nonscheduled news they ever experienced.