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That which the immune system identifies as foreign to the body.


1. (Philosophy) (in philosophy) that which is not the 'self', that is the external world
2. (Physiology) immunol matter which is foreign to a particular body, thus triggering an immune response when it enters the body
(Physiology) immunol of or pertaining to what is foreign to the body



any antigen-bearing foreign material that enters the body and normally stimulates an attack by the body's immune system (disting. from self).
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9) In examining nonself citations per patent, we restrict the sample to firms with at least one patent.
Hand-pollinated flowers produced on average 16% more seed than open-pollinated flowers, suggesting pollen limitation reduces seed production in natural populations of Galax (whether in terms of total pollen or nonself pollen received).
Snyder's Buddhist American freedom is its own kind of Zen koan, a paradox of individualism and nonself.
It seems likely that tumor cells, which to a variable extent express neoantigens that are recognizable by the host immune system as nonself, adopt these mechanisms to avoid elimination by the immune system (immune editing).
Then the nonself cells are further classified in order to construct an appropriate defense mechanism.
I saw the aggregates as impermanent, I saw them as suffering and nonself.
Intuitively, the expected citation patterns are calculated under the hypothesis that authors at all institutions distribute their outbound nonself cites at a probability that depends only on target institution, not on sender institution.
Decoding the patterns of self and nonself by the innate immune system.
What is nonself should be seen as it really is with correct wisdom thus: 'This is not mine, this I am not, this is not my self.
Common fixed points for noncontinuous nonself maps on nonmetric spaces.
Quantitative assessment of the concentration of nonself plasma ccfDNA relies on distinct genetic differences between recipient and donor or mother and fetus.
In order to attack pathogenic microbes and abnormal cells, the immune system has to distinguish between self and nonself.