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That which the immune system identifies as foreign to the body.
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1. (Philosophy) (in philosophy) that which is not the 'self', that is the external world
2. (Physiology) immunol matter which is foreign to a particular body, thus triggering an immune response when it enters the body
(Physiology) immunol of or pertaining to what is foreign to the body
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any antigen-bearing foreign material that enters the body and normally stimulates an attack by the body's immune system (disting. from self).
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The availability of multiple informative markers allows for identification and statistical handling of out-lier measurements resulting from a DNA sample having a rare duplication or triplication of a CND locus or inflated measurements when the nonself DNA (transplant or fetus) is homozygous wild type (i.e., 2 copy instead of 1 copy) at a given CND locus (e.g., suspected in sample 8, Table 2).
Particularly, we give a partition of set Ab is {Self, NonSelf, Doubt}, where the elements of Self match legal behaviors, the elements of NonSelf match illegal behaviors, and the elements of Doubt match uncertain behaviors.
What I have to say about our personal economic predicament follows from what is perhaps the most important teaching of the Buddha: the relationship between dukkha and anatta ("not-self" or "nonself").
"The more children live and move outdoors in green environments," adds study-team member Tari Haahtela, "the more they train the immune system and teach it to identify the life-saving difference between danger and nondanger-e.g., pollen should not be a nondanger signal-and between self and nonself. If this is not happening, there is a risk of so-called autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes or chronic inflammatory bowel disease."
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Mate attributes autoimmune illness to a failure of our immune, endocrine, and neurologic systems to distinguish self from nonself. This is not a new concept.
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And plants may be able to distinguish self from nonself, according to Karban's current research effort.
"nonself" in immunology, then proceed to describing cells, cell- surface molecules, and organs.
Secondly, the practice of essayismus leads to de-reification of ontological distinctions, resulting in what Musil terms "the other condition" in which "the border between the self and nonself is less sharp than usual" ("German as Symptom" 186).
Encapsulation differences could reflect differences in (1) the genes that recognize a particular foreign object as "nonself"; (2) the genes that play a direct role in melanin production, that is, the phenoloxidase system; (3) the genes that modify the activity of the phenoloxidase system (a fair number of such modifiers are known in Drosophila, e.g., tyrosinase-1, lozenge, speck, and Black cells [Rizki et al.
On the other hand, the fixed point theory for nonself mappings has been studied by many authors ([3-5]).