1. Not discriminating on the basis of gender: nonsexist hiring policies.
2. Not promoting sexual stereotypes: nonsexist terminology such as firefighter and flight attendant.


not discriminating on the basis of sex, esp not against women


(nɒnˈsɛk sɪst)

not showing, advocating, or involving sexism: nonsexist language; nonsexist toys.
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As with our gender-neutral pronouns, we like to boast of our nonsexist folk tale about the first man and first woman.
She said that every nonsexist movie should have at least two females who talk to each other about something other than a man.
Clever Girl explores a range of contemporary western female tropes: abandonment by father and lovers, teenage pregnancy, single motherhood, fraught mother-daughter relationship, experiment in nonsexist communal living, romance with a married man, adoption of a child from a developing country, self-acceptance in middle age.
Today, well, being a reasonably nonsexist old man, it's none of your business, but I still love to imagine heroic deeds, and that imagination finds validation at the Higgins.
On one hand respondents felt their current instructors (74%, n=497) did a good teaching about women's issues, while on the other hand only 52% (n=495) felt that the nonsexist education they received prior to high school was adequate.
Ahmed Zaman "proposes the infusion of [a] nonsexist approach through a Reflective Based Observation (RBO) scheme to be incorporated in an observation course" (p.
The National Council of Teachers of English adopted a formal policy in 1975 to encourage the use of nonsexist language.
But his nationalism is of another sort: An inclusive, multicultural and nonsexist nationalism, which includes all the citizens of a country and respects other nations.
Nonsexist books, on the other hand, produce positive changes in self-concept, attitudes, and behavior (Narahara, 1998).
One doesn't always think of the earthy, egalitarian, and nonsexist tenets of contact improvisation as leading to the hallowed halls of academia.
Weldon takes care to explain that it reaches back to a late 15th-century morality play of the same name and "is intended as nonsexist.
6) Given the declarations of law schools, law firms, and courts on their commitment to nonsexist and diverse environments, one might expect that legal professionals would no longer use male-gendered generics since alternative gender-neutral options are available.