nonsingular matrix

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Noun1.nonsingular matrix - a square matrix whose determinant is not zero
square matrix - a matrix with the same number of rows and columns
singular matrix - a square matrix whose determinant is zero
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m](v, [alpha], [beta], [theta], [OMEGA], kind 1) and let A be an m x m constant nonsingular matrix.
and X being a randomly generated nonsingular matrix, the finite eigenvalues of such a pencil are always [+ or -][beta] with both algebraic and geometric multiplicities of 2.
The left preconditioned matrix is a nonsingular matrix M and the preconditioned matrix is defined by [A.
Let D(z) be a nonsingular matrix over R[z] of dimensions mxm write [deg.
LU Algorithm is a mathematical method based on decomposition of matrix A (a nonsingular matrix with rank n) into two matrix such as lower and upper triangular matrix.
1, the eigenvalues of the nonsingular matrix A are [?
Observability of ((F* - KH*), H*) means that the system described by equations (4) and (5) with the state vector e(t) and the output vector r(t) can be transformed via nonsingular matrix T into the identification canonical form
ij]) is an m x m nonsingular matrix with real entries and the vector x(n) = [([x.
Thus, we can find a nonsingular matrix P consisting of the n independent eigenvectors of A so that
2) with [gamma](x) chosen from some class of nonsingular matrix fields.
Since A has two distinct eigenvalues -1 and 4, we can choose a nonsingular matrix N and a diagonal matrix J