n. Informal
A nonscheduled airline or cargo plane.

[Shortening and alteration of nonscheduled.]


(Aeronautics) aviation informal US a nonscheduled airline or cargo plane



n. Informal.
a nonscheduled airline or plane.
[1945–50, Amer.; non- + sked (shortening and resp. of schedule)]
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The fairly easy access to surplus equipment facilitated the proliferation of nonsked companies, making necessary the intervention of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), an agency created in 1938 to regulate the airline industry.
As nonskeds expert Dick Neumann has suggested in a personal communication, had the Korean War begun a year later, the CAB would have shut down Westair, but with the urgent need for nonsked airlines and equipment, the disaster of N1248N was simply shoved under the table.
17) He had travelled to Miami the day before to discuss possible new contracts with regular airliners at the time Governor Munoz Marin ordered the cancellation of all nonsked flights.
From the beginning, nonskeds attracted the public's interest because of their cheap rates, usually half the price of regular airlines'.
Of the few nonskeds operating on Puerto Rican soil, Westair Transport stood out as one of the more successful from the late 1940s.
Governor Luis Munoz Marin's quickly moved to shut down all nonskeds operating in the island, but that posed a serious problem: he had a contract requiring him to send 5,000 men to the Saginaw Valley by June 20.
An old friend of Munoz Marin's, he was among the first to appeal to the governor to lift the ban on the nonskeds.