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Adj.1.nonsovereign - (of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces
unfree - hampered and not free; not able to act at will
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ADBs Country Partnership Strategy for Bangladesh proposes total assistance of $8 billion, including for nonsovereign operations, during the period 2016-2020, 60% up from $5 billion in 2011-2015.
Of the total, nonsovereign (primarily private sector) operations accounted for $3.
THIS is probably one of the reasons why the Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB) has resorted to financing certain energy projects through nonsovereign means.
This is on top of increased efforts to raise local currency funding to meet the growing demand for nonsovereign local currency loans.
Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 For instance, ADB introduced new rules in 2015 for both its sovereign and nonsovereign operations aimed at tightening controls for corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.
She offers an alternative approach to address the limits of conventional constitutionalism and the factors of colonialism, apartheid, and other forms of inequity and brings the museum and the constitution together to outline a theory of the production of nonsovereign imaginations of community, showing how the museum has more potential to disrupt concepts of political community.
1101 (2015) (holding that the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners, which prohibited non-dentists from offering teeth whitening products or services, was a nonsovereign entity controlled by active market participants that did not receive active supervision by the State, and thus the Board's anticompetitive actions were not entitled to state-action immunity from federal antitrust law).
For states and nonsovereign territories subsequently colonized by the British, the French, the Dutch, or the Danes, or later by the Americans, Columbus's landing may have been the start of it all, but debates on national identity have centered on what came after the Spanish.
Thus, in Haass's view, multilateral cooperation with a variety of countries and nonsovereign international entities has become more essential than ever.
The opinion (delivered by Justice Kennedy), begins by confirming the importance of federal antitrust law as "a central safeguard for the [n]ation's free market structures," (9) and then explains how the board, as a nonsovereign actor, is not entitled to state action immunity from federal antitrust claims unless its actions are 1) based upon clearly articulated state policy and 2) actively supervised by the state.
Complimenting ADB's sovereign operations are its nonsovereign operations, providing assistance through guarantees, equity investments, and its ongoing Trade Finance Program (TFP).
ADB said it was ready to make additional increases to assistance in the coming years, adding it would look for opportunities to increase its nonsovereign operations like loans, equity investment, and guarantees to the private sector.