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Adj.1.nonsovereign - (of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces
unfree - hampered and not free; not able to act at will
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In May 2019, ADB made its single largest nonsovereign loan to date by committing $750 million to the Indian Railways Finance Corporation to support the electrification of existing railways tracks.
Sovereign and nonsovereign loans to Georgia to date total about $2.8 billion.
Also, nonsovereign lending, or maybe we have to push ourselves to [work more] with the private sector, not directly to the government.
Since joining ADB in 1994, Kazakhstan has received over $5.1 billion in sovereign and nonsovereign loans, guarantees, and technical assistance for agriculture and irrigation, education, finance, transport, energy, water supply, and sanitation.
Further co-financing for sovereign and nonsovereign projects is being actively pursued.
Unlike with nonsovereign interests, states can sue to enforce these sovereign interests without demonstrating an injury in fact.
nonsovereign actor is one whose conduct does not automatically qualify
Structured as a synthetic securitization by Mizuho International, Room2Run transfers the mezzanine credit risk on a portfolio of approximately 50 loans from among the African Development Bank's nonsovereign lending book, including power, transportation, financial sector, and manufacturing assets.
ADB began supporting Kazakhstan in 1994 and has since approved over $5 billion in sovereign loans, nonsovereign loans, and guarantees.
Its total operations of $32.2 billion last year consisted of $20.1 billion in loans, grants, and investments from its own resources (up 51% from 2016) including nonsovereign operations of $2.3 billion (a 31% increase from 2016); $11.9 billion in cofinancing from bilateral and multilateral agencies and other financing partners; and $201 million in technical assistance (a 11% increase from 2016).
ADB also submitted 3 firms and 4 individuals for cross-debarment to other multilateral development banks and provided integrity due diligence advice on 777 entities involved in sovereign and nonsovereign transactions to ensure that integrity, money laundering, and terrorist financing risks are identified and mitigated.