(nɒnˈstɛr əl or, esp. Brit., -aɪl)

1. not sterile; not free from germs or microorganisms.
2. not barren; capable of producing offspring, vegetation, etc.
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Backed by extensive engineering experience and a medically focused ISO 13485 certified quality system, Fluortek can deliver nonsterile partially finished or fully custom-assembled devices to your exact specifications.
Before USP 800, pharmaceutical compounding was regulated by two standards, USP 795 and USP 797, which provide guidelines for nonsterile preparations and sterile preparations but don't distinguish between hazardous and nonhazardous drugs.
Among the new wipes are options suitable for use in a variety of sterile and nonsterile cleanroom applications including ISO Class 3-4, 5 and higher.
The technology and science supporting it continues to grow to help ensure safe and effective nonsterile and sterile compounding for patients.
The Danbury manufacturer provides custom tooling and fixtures, and works with established medical companies and life science startups to provide sterile and nonsterile sutures, bone anchors, spinal implants, and other innovative medical devices.
Obstetric tetanus, which occurs during pregnancy or within 6 weeks of the end of pregnancy, follows contamination of wounds with Clostridium tetani spores during pregnancy, or the use of contaminated tools or practices during nonsterile deliveries or abortions.
THE USE OF STERILE or nonsterile gloves during outpatient dermatologic and dental procedures resulted in similar rates of postoperative surgical site infections (SSls), results from a large systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrated.
That's terrible because there's bacteria and other nonsterile things in the mouth that they're then injecting into the body," leading to infections, he said.
The data come from an analysis of 4,303 nonpregnant, nonsterile women aged 15-44 years from the 2011 to 2013 National Survey of Family Growth, conducted by the CDC (MMWR.
This means that although prepackaged devices such as nonsterile orthopedic device trays and sets were considered convenience kits based on the original definition, they would not meet the definition of the term in the draft guidance because any implants not chosen for surgical use and any reusable instruments are generally sterilized, reconfigured into new sets, and used again.
Guidelines on the use of sterile vs nonsterile gloves for minor skin excisions in outpatient primary care are difficult to come by.
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