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Permitting easy removal of adherent food particles: a frying pan with a nonstick surface.


(of saucepans, frying pans, etc) coated with a substance such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that prevents food sticking to them



having a finish designed to prevent food from sticking during cooking or baking.
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Adj.1.nonstick - (of surfaces especially of cooking utensils) permitting easy removal of adherent food particles; "a frying pan with a nonstick surface"
slippery, slippy - causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide; "slippery sidewalks"; "a slippery bar of soap"; "the streets are still slippy from the rain"


[ˈnɒnˈstɪk] adj (saucepan) → (con rivestimento) antiaderente
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Nonstick has been a big growth item," says Nelson, adding that many home cooks start with a nonstick cookware set.
Caption: Mauviel: Mauviel presents M'stone3 nonstick fry pans lined with the Eclipse nonstick coating.
My mom gave me a set of nonstick pans for my first apartment, but my roommate won't eat anything cooked in them.
Italy-based Bialetti, makers of ceramic nonstick cookware, has launched its Aeternum Signature Series by one of America's favorite chefs and restaurateurs, Fabio Viviani.
Despite concerns about the danger of toxic emissions from nonstick pans, most sources consider them safe if you take some precautions.
Aluminium has been linked to a few health risks, such as Alzheimer's, and the most popular type of aluminium pan available now is usually nonstick, too.
The Tefal 100% Patisserie BAKEWARE range guarantees a perfect result every time thanks to the use of aluminum, the topcoat nonstick coating and the ergonomic grip.
By providing professional-quality cookware with two nonstick surfaces in one set, we are giving cooks the freedom to experiment and truly savor their time in the kitchen.
AkzoNobel has agreed to divest its nonstick coatings business to privately-owned, U.
Nonstick and dishwasher safe but I'd like the sides to be a wee touch deeper.
Hats off to ASDA for coming up with the nonstick shirt.
Examples are in daily use - the trusty non-stick frying pan and the vandal's nemesis, nonstick anti-graffiti paint, have both been around for many years - but who has ever heard of a non-stick submarine?

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