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Variant of nonesuch.


a variant spelling of nonesuch


or non•such


a person or thing without equal.
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Noun1.nonsuch - model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal
crackerjack, jimdandy, jimhickey - someone excellent of their kind; "he's a jimdandy of a soldier"
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
class act - someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence
humdinger - someone of remarkable excellence; "a humdinger of a secretary"
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They will be made using nonsuch oak and only one supplier has access to this material
It's organised by Van Gogh's Good Ear and the line-up includes Nonsuch, Semantics, Vultures and Afterbloom (pictured).
Early fur-traders conjured up rough facsimiles of beer as far back as 1668 with the Nonsuch crew, and there were brewery operations at York Factory sporadically from 1694 on.
A high-profile case involved claims that as many as 30 children were excluded from Nonsuch School in Woodgate Valley last year, including ten-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Mason Dunbar, who was expelled for 'defiance', then later reinstated on appeal.
The withering document, leaked to the Sunday Mercury, also found that Nonsuch Primary in Woodgate Valley fails to provide value for money, and that the board of governors is inadequate.
The hotel I stayed in, the Nonsuch Bay Resort, is set in a secluded bay on the east side of the island and offers heavenly boutique accommodation in hilltop villas, beach cottages and serviced apartments.
Parallels between the script and the performance venue offered by the Banqueting House and gardens at Nonsuch Palace suggest that the play might have been written, performed, or revived sometime after 1556 when the earl of Arundel, Lady Jane Lumley, and her husband moved there.
The tours, trail and crafts will also be available on Sunday, when there will be music from the Nonsuch Dulcimers and refreshments from the Friends of Red House.
I was staying at the Nonsuch Bay Resort in one of its gorgeous hilltop apartments overlooking the emerald waters of the east coast.
A recent investment by traditional toffee makers Walkers Nonsuch of Stoke-on-Trent, has seen the installation of six Waukesha Universal 1 Series rotary piston pumps from AxFlow to replace rotary lobe pumps.
The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa was recognized as the Caribbean's Leading Honeymoon Resort and Antigua & Barbuda's Leading Resort, Ayers Creek Residences at Nonsuch Bay Resort received the award for Caribbean's Leading Hotel Residences and Blue Waters Resort won Antigua & Barbuda's Leading Hotel.
I share narration with a poet who lives in the famous Nonsuch House on the bridge, creating fictive characters .