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Failure to provide for the maintenance of one's legal dependents.
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(Law) law US the failure to provide for one's family or dependents
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(ˌnɒn səˈpɔrt, -ˈpoʊrt)

failure to provide financial support for a spouse, child, or other dependent.
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Surprisingly, the PNP Internal Affairs Service has reported a surge in the number of complaints for nonsupport from the wives of our policemen since the monthly pay of police officers were doubled lately.
After the salary increase for policemen took effect this year, the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service (PNP-IAS) has observed a surge in complaints of nonsupport from wives, according to Brig.
The results provide a comprehensive assessment of the adolescent's psychopathology, measured on a 22-point scale: 4 validity scales (inconsistency, infrequency, negative impression, and positive impression), 11 clinical scales (somatic concerns, anxiety, anxiety-related disorders, depression, mania, paranoia, schizophrenia, borderline features, antisocial features, alcohol problems, and drug problems), 5 treatment consideration scales (aggression, suicidal ideation, nonsupport, stress, and treatment rejection), and 2 interpersonal scales (dominance and warmth).
Noncollegial or inappropriate faculty behaviors generally fall in the incivility category and include occasional rudeness, moodiness, anger, or nonsupport of others that is quickly resolved and does not cause harm.
Speaking on behalf of UNDP and partners, Maarten Barends, UNDP Chief Technical Advisor and Program Manager of the GOL/UNDP/UNMIL Joint Rule of Law Program said women and girls in Liberia, are frequently exposed to issues of female genital mutilation, economic dependence and persistent nonsupport in the country.
Thornton, 32, of Harrisburg, on a warrant from Kentucky for nonsupport of family.
There were 172 million"withheld" votes, which signals nonsupport. Last year, Mollenkopf received 1.1 billion votes for re-election, with 4 million withheld votes.
To establish the localized version of the infinite Rademacher theorem, Cheng and Zhang [7] substituted closed convex subsets of a Banach space X for X and proved that every Lipschitz mapping from a closed convex subset C of a Banach space with nonempty nonsupport point set N(C) to a Banach space with the RNP is almost everywhere Gaateaux differentiable.
One important factor, criminal nonsupport, describes a scenario in which the biological parent affirmatively chooses to not support his or her child and faces criminal sanctions.
"As Kohistan, Abbottabad, Manshera, Haripur, Shangla, Batagram, DI Khan etc are not part of KP that will be directly benefited from CPEC," he said.'Foreign investors want political stability and support of Government for making investment in a country and may divert their investment to other countries in case of political instability, worst law and order situation and nonsupport of Government," he said.
He declared on television on Tuesday night that he is "just tired of nonsupport" from Republican leaders and "I wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people".
Also noted across multiple medical leadership levels were partial rejection or nonconcurrence and nonsupport of the TCCC guidelines.