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Adj.1.nonsuppurative - not suppurative
suppurative - relating to or characterized by suppuration
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Similar neuronal degeneration or necrosis with microgliosis in the brain or cerebellum, as well as inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord, were previously described in cattle with astrovirus-associated nonsuppurative encephalitis (6,35,46,47), which suggests the general course of an astrovirus neuroinfection.
Postmortem findings in all pelicans included extensive subacute myonecrosis, enteritis, and nonsuppurative hepatitis.
The nodules were firm, well-circumscribed, nonsuppurative, mobile subcutaneous masses, and their diameters ranged from 1-2 cm to 2-3 cm.
Herein, we report a case of AML initially presented as acute nonsuppurative appendicitis due to leukemic cell infiltration which is a rarer manifestation of de novo AML.
Inclusion criteria were patients with CP and a diagnosis of either nonsuppurative or suppurative otitis media who were managed at Nationwide Children's Hospital between October 2011 and September 2012.
Seroma was aspirated in 18 (4%) patients and nonsuppurative cellulitis occurred in 8 (1.
Otosclerosis which is one of the commonest causes of nonsuppurative conductive hearing loss.
Effector mechanisms of nonsuppurative destructive cholangitis in graft-versus-host disease and allograft rejection.
Fat necrosis is a nonsuppurative inflammatory process secondary to accidental or surgical trauma (eg, blunt trauma, biopsy, lumpectomy, reduction, augmentation, reconstruction, radiation therapy) and is characterized histologically by foamy histiocytes, lipid-laden macrophages, inflammatory cells with peripheral fibrosis and necrosis.
Primary biliary cirrhosis is an organ-specific autoimmune disease of the liver characterized by the presence of serum anti-mitochondrial antibodies (AMAs) and chronic nonsuppurative destructive cholangitis involving small-sized and medium-sized bile ducts with progressive fibrosis, leading to cirrhosis.
Acute rheumatic fever is a nonsuppurative, immune-mediated consequence of group A streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat).