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Adj.1.nonsweet - not containing sugar
dry - (of liquor) having a low residual sugar content because of decomposition of sugar during fermentation; "a dry white burgundy"; "a dry Bordeaux"
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For instance, many people have experienced that if you're drinking a dry red wine with dinner and you're still drinking it when dessert comes--say it's vanilla ice cream--the sweet food will clash badly with the dry (nonsweet) wine, and it will give the wine a bitter, cardboard-like taste.
[31] also found an effect of exercise intensity on dietary compensation following a 4-week intervention, with HIIT decreasing intake of fat by 16% and decreasing exercise-induced preference for high-fat, nonsweet foods.
The availability of nonsweet fruits is very limited in Thailand; therefore, some patients with diabetes tend to have worse glycemic control during certain seasons due to the availability of high-glycemic index seasonal fruits as shown in a recent qualitative study from Sri Lankan people with T2DM [27].
Further tests observed that fructose preference rats drunk more low-concentration (2%) fructose solution than control rats, suggesting that fructose preference rats prefer nonsweet glucose solution [30].
The study authors found participants who ate a sweet food (chocolate) versus a nonsweet food (cracker) or no food were more likely to volunteer to help another person in need--and that people believe that a person who likes sweet foods such as candy or chocolate cake also is more agreeable and helpful.
However, while oral taste receptors for sweet stimuli such as glucose have been identified (Rollo and Williams, 2011), potential receptors that may detect nonsweet CHO such as maltodextrin have not yet been documented (Chambers et al., 2009).
Moyer recommended that he eat poultry, vegetables, peas, seeds, brown rice, and nonsweet fruits.
Thanks to steadfast seed savers and a growing interest in saving heirloom seeds, a number of nonhybrid, nonsweet eating corns are still readily available--for growing and for eating.
(Note: Do not confuse the English-American use of the term table wine, which merely signifies a nonsparkling, nonfortified, nonsweet wine meant to be served during meals, with the European Union's use of the term in its various wine laws.
In 2006, when the disease first appeared in California, McCreight observed resistance in a salad melon (a nonsweet melon similar to a cucumber) from India that was being grown for research purposes in Yuma and in the Imperial Valley.