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Recent Boston Consulting Group research indicates that more than 70% of breaches exploit nontechnical vulnerabilities.
This book summarizes the essence of physics and effects of lightning in a nontechnical manner and provides a description of the phenomenon of lightning in simple language.
Peshawar -- KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has in principal approved the upgradation of all technical and nontechnical govt employees from BPS1 to 16 on the pattern of clerks community and has directed the concerned authorities to submit summary for the purpose within ten days.
Rather, the new identity embraces who we already are, avoids confusion [with the term "portland"] by nontechnical audiences and better describes the organization and its members.
This fourth edition reflects updated science and resources, but continues to retain the conversational, nontechnical style, and to maintain its reputation as the standard work on in-vitro propagation of plants with a worldwide distribution.
The Technical Collection of Intelligence provides a concise review of technical-collection platforms, capabilities, and management for a nontechnical reader associated with or interested in the intelligence profession.
But a general lack of nontechnical skills within an organization's talent bench can be an obstacle to success.
This paper introduces nontechnical readers to the technology, its legal, economic, and healthcare issues, and its significant military applications in areas such as regenerative medicine and manufacturing of spare parts and specialized components.
Artisan empowers nontechnical customers including marketers, publishers, and ecommerce professionals to create, test, and customize the user experience of native mobile applications.
0 math GPA but have always worked in nontechnical and social environments, which are my B and C performance areas.
This four-day program is designed for technical personnel from chemistry, biology, engineering and nontechnical personnel who have little or no experience in the food industry.
launched the latest release of Inmagic Presto, an application that enables nontechnical business users to create and manage Social Knowledge Networks (SKN).