(nŏn-tĕn′yərd, -yo͝ord′)
Not having or leading to tenure: a nontenured academic post.


(Education) (of an academic post or lecturer) not possessing or carrying a guarantee of permanent employment


(nɒnˈtɛn yərd)

1. (of a professional position) not including a guarantee of permanent employment.
2. (of an employee) holding a nontenured position.
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Nontenured assistant professors as American Counseling Association division presidents: The new look of leadership in counseling.
The tenure system poses a potential threat to the nontenured faculty and those holding an honorary adjunct academic title.
Challenging the neoliberal character of universities, thus, will be particularly risky for nontenured faculty, and those in tenured faculty positions must lead that charge and support untenured colleagues who engage in that important and needed form of CAR.
University of Oregon President Michael Schill wants to improve undergraduate education and save money by firing low-paid, nontenured faculty who teach large introductory courses while hiring additional tenured science faculty.
With the exception of certain categories of discrimination --such as race, gender, and national origin--employers are generally free to fire nontenured employees for any reason.
The subjects of nontenured teachers must be scheduled on days and periods that are free after programming the tenured teachers.
Yet the fact remains that the majority of instructors in Canadian postsecondary EAP programs are nontenured, contract faculty.
177(c) ("[A] school district may place a tenured teacher on layoff status only after the district has given notice of nonretention to all nontenured teachers.
Thus, even though full-time positions have grown scarce, plenty of part-time, nontenured teaching opportunities await the new PhD.
An additional purpose was to report on differences in grading between faculty teaching in associate versus baccalaureate nursing programs, full-time versus adjunct faculty, and tenured versus nontenured faculty.
If I accidentally called a nontenured faculty member 'Professor Smith,' it would ruffle feathers.