(nŏn-tĕn′yərd, -yo͝ord′)
Not having or leading to tenure: a nontenured academic post.


(Education) (of an academic post or lecturer) not possessing or carrying a guarantee of permanent employment


(nɒnˈtɛn yərd)

1. (of a professional position) not including a guarantee of permanent employment.
2. (of an employee) holding a nontenured position.
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The decline in tenured and tenure-track college and university faculty and the increase in nontenured full-time, part-time and adjunct instructors--a decades-long trend that shows no signs of slowing--is likely to continue, with widespread impact across the higher education landscape.
As she is a nontenured teacher, no reason is required to be given for her dismissal by administrators or the board.
(67.) Specifically, four types of instructor characteristics are included in the model: (1) the contract status of the instructor (temporary adjuncts, tenure track, nontenured, or tenured), (2) years of experience, (3) whether the instructor is teaching any courses as an overload, and (4) whether the course is team taught.
The sharp disinvestment of state resources in higher education since the Great Recession has left most public research institutions, both flagships and non, reeling from budget cuts and turning increasingly to nontenured and temporary faculty appointments to address a still-surging demand for undergraduate teaching.
Their topics include teaching; advising and mentoring in counselor education; admissions and gatekeeping processes; adjunct, part-time faculty, and nontenured positions in counselor education; administration (program coordinator, department chair, associate dean, or dean) in counselor education; professional leadership at the state, regional, national, and international levels; and collegiality and wellness.
Abu Shadi died in February, after it was announced that he would be nontenured.
However, the district retained six nontenured teachers in positions for which Elliott was certified to teach.
This finding signals a need for additional information for nontenured faculty, in order to pave the way for a successful tenure application.
The tenure system poses a potential threat to the nontenured faculty and those holding an honorary adjunct academic title.24 Their appointments can be terminated without a prior notice, thus placing them in a vulnerable situation.
Challenging the neoliberal character of universities, thus, will be particularly risky for nontenured faculty, and those in tenured faculty positions must lead that charge and support untenured colleagues who engage in that important and needed form of CAR.
University of Oregon President Michael Schill wants to improve undergraduate education and save money by firing low-paid, nontenured faculty who teach large introductory courses while hiring additional tenured science faculty.
The subjects of nontenured teachers must be scheduled on days and periods that are free after programming the tenured teachers.