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Adj.1.nonterritorial - not displaying territoriality; "a nonterritorial species"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
territorial - displaying territoriality; defending a territory from intruders; "territorial behavior"; "strongly territorial birds"
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Recognizing the importance of nonterritorially bounded political communities composed of individuals with common interests raises a crucial question for political theory: who are the legitimate stakeholders?
The volume is accompanied by a posthumous afterword by Antonio Benitez Rojo, entitled "The New Atlantis: The Ultimate Caribbean Archipelago." A manifesto for a new meta-archipelagic collaboration, it imagines an expansive and nonterritorially bound "ocean territory." It also outlines what a history book of this New Atlantis might comprise.
In a similar but inverted fashion, Korean groups, devoted specifically to the Dokdo issue, provide active participants for wider, nonterritorially specific anti-Japanese campaigns.