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Adj.1.nontransmissible - not acquirable by inheritance
nonheritable, noninheritable - not inheritable
2.nontransmissible - (of disease) not capable of being passed on
noninfectious - not infectious
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Coat protein gene replacement results in whitefly transmission of an insect nontransmissible geminivirus isolate.
Finally, the pretext problem is self-limiting, because agencies that constantly base their decisions on (putatively) nontransmissible tacit expertise will encounter increasing skepticism from reviewing courts over time.
Clinical neurologic signs were observed on a few occasions without pathologic confirmation of prion disease, suggesting a nontransmissible spongiform encephalopathy condition related to the age of the mice in the study.
Journalistic knowledge is relatively impermanent and nontransmissible in real time beyond its immediate audience.