One who refrains from the use of something, as of narcotic drugs or alcohol.


a person who does not use a specified item or substance, predominantly an illegal drug


(nɒnˈyu zər)

a person who does not use or partake of something, as harmful drugs.
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Finally, because the nonuser cohort was the largest group, we only used pairs of low and high adherers that also matched nonusers.
Chapter 2 describes the user survey and Chapter 3 the nonuser survey.
Proactively identifying risks that affect strategy occurs within 86% of SPMS user organizations but within only 63% of nonuser organizations.
The main focus of the present research was to determine whether beliefs concerning the safety of cellular phone use while driving differed depending on whether the individual is a user or a nonuser of cellular phones.
The higher proportion of small businesses in the nonuser sample, which prior literature suggests would be consistent with the overall population figures, lends credibility to this latter explanation.
2%) were excluded because they did not indicate user or nonuser EMR status and 63 (8.
For each quarter in the sample period, a BHC is labeled as a derivative user if it reported participation in any interest rate swap or futures-forward products on Schedule HC-F of the FR-Y9C report; otherwise it is labeled as a nonuser.
Next, surveys were given to students in two courses, and onsite focus groups of EMOC users and one nonuser were conducted.
A stepwise discriminant analysis was performed as an exploratory tool, using Internet users and nonusers as the grouping variable, to discover which variables are most important for distinguishing between the mutually exclusive Internet user and nonuser groups.
User and nonuser drug groups were different with regard to their homogeneity.
Consider first a resource nonuser who does not begin to participate in recreation at resource 1 with the improvement in quality.