nonverbal intelligence

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Noun1.nonverbal intelligence - intelligence that is manifested in the performance of tasks requiring little or no use of language
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
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Individuals with higher nonverbal intelligence may be stronger at processing nonverbal signals from individuals they interact with in the moment, leading to a decreased need to reprocess past social encounters.
One nonverbal intelligence test created to minimize the effects of verbal comprehension, expressive language, motor skills, speed of information processing, and previously learned knowledge is the General Abilities Measure for Adults (GAMA; Naglieri & Bardos, 1997).
State Legislatures: What does nonverbal intelligence mean and why is it important?
Reading was associated not only with measures of verbal intelligence (such as vocabulary tests) but with measures of nonverbal intelligence as well (such as reasoning tests).
Development of a nonverbal intelligence scale for the blind.
They describe the various tests available, including full-length multidimensional tests, nonverbal intelligence tests, and brief and abbreviated tests; ways to share results through reports and face-to-face contact with parents; legal and practical issues; and guidelines for assessing children with intellectual disability, giftedness, learning disabilities, and those from diverse backgrounds.
Both verbal and nonverbal intelligence are determined by a combination of innate ability and acquired knowledge and skills.
Validation of the Snijders-Oomen Nonverbal Intelligence Test--Revised 2 1/2-7 for Australian Children with Desabilities.
1998), although they should not be interpreted as a measure of global intelligence, but of nonverbal intelligence (Counter et al.
O trabalho averiguou a eventual existencia de vies cultural nos itens de um teste nao-verbal de inteligencia, denominado Snijders-Oomen Nonverbal Intelligence Test e conhecido pela sigla SON-R.
Multilingual children have been found to outperform their peers in tests of both verbal and nonverbal intelligence.